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Prostap injection?!

Anyone had these for treatment of their endometriosis? After refusing to leave my consultant without answers today, she's now put me on this. I had my first one today. Anyone else had it? Or have any info about it that could help me? Most importantly, does anyone know if it can affect me conceiving in the future? It's one question I forgot to ask my consultant and one which I am concerned about. Any help and advice would be fantastic!

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Is this the injection that turns your ovaries off? I have been offered the one that turns your ovaries off after Christmas but think I'm going to refus because I would like to try to conceive and put up with everything that's going on xx


Yes, and it gave me my life back! I went from being on an increasingly fast spiral down into not functioning at all back to long-distance running, being Superwoman at work, and buying my own place.

It's the only thing that's ever worked for me and I am lucky (and persistent!) enough to be on my third course, against normal protocol. However, I don't want children, which I had to confirm about 100 times before I was listened to - I don't know whether it's suitable if you do.


am on zoladex (same thing i think as prostap) chemical menopause, my consultant and GP said is reservable after you stop the injections, though could take 12 weeks to be fully out of your system. i have the coil as well so they are using zoladex for 3 months to let that kick in as i have stage 4 endo my left hand side.

i told them i want children in the future so they wouldn't have done that if it was going to damage that. From what they said it will be the endo that could cause problems in getting pregnant.

hope that helps :)


Prostap has helped me massively! It is given me my life back and no it won't affect your ability in the future to have children. Well done for being persistent with your doctor too! Good luck X


Prostap won't stop you from having kids, but you MUST use contraception while having the injections and until your periods resume, to make sure it has left your system - it can damage the foetus if you become pregant whilst it is still in your body. There are lots of posts on the site abou it - try searching in the green bar at the top. It doesnt work for everyone - I've had 2 course which have been fine, but decided not to have anymore. Also, you are likely to get a flare-up 1-2 weeks after the jab - like a period which may be very painful - so don't worry if this happens - its normal!


I started on Prostap and within 8 days of first injection started with severe gastro problems. Was told to stop after 2nd one incase these were the cause which I personally think they are. Stomach pain, indigestion and feel like im choking on my own bile is worst than any of the endo pain ive had, mind you it has taken most of endo pain away and has been 2 months since last injection. My personal opinion is NEVER AGAIN


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