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Lumps on Abdomin wall - endo


Abdomin wall lumps....a couple years ago I had a lump removed they told me it was endometriosis they put some mesh in there to help (NOT) and now just got back from ultra sound this am to find out I have more lumps>......????? I had laporoscopy in summer to confirm that I did not have endometriosis in my uterus. I have been fighting with gyno's doctors and surgeons to give me partial hysterectomy (I am 43) but they will not do this. I am at my wits end as I have soooo much pain when ovulating and PMS and obviously while menstruating! Unbearable I take about 12 - T3s in 2 days and naproxens. which really doesn't help!! I have also had unbearable mood swings to go along with this that I finally just said I would try Prozac to help any or all of the above! I only take on my "off days" I call them (which I feel like the devil).... Will these lumps ever go away? I have already had surgery to remove now it appears they are multiplying.. I only found 1 and the ultrasound lady found couple more?? My gyno wants me to put mirena in but I don't think that is gonna work....any suggestions for a frusterated Canadian? I have felt like crap for 2 years now and just can't function normally anymore! To top all that off I had a colonoscopy which determined I have diverticulosis and palups which they removed and were non cancerous. I also have IBS. If anyone has any experience and advise on any of the above I would greatly appreciate your input! Thanks so much and hope they find a cure on day! Take care : )

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Hi Shauna-Lyn,

Sorry to hear you are experiencing so much pain and difficulties. I too had an endo lump in my abdominal wall and had this removed 6 weeks ago, however am in more pain now than I was before the operation and they suspect that I have more endo deeper in my pelvis so am waiting for an appointment and a possible laparoscopy to determine this as when I had the lump removed in my abdomen they only removed it as an open op so didn't look elsewhere. I've had CT, MRI and ultrasound but this only picked up the lump I had removed so they think that I may have more endo that just hasn't formed in a lump so therefore it is difficult to see on a scan of any kind.

I can't be any help as I am at an earlier stage than you but thought i'd reply as I know that having it in the abdominal wall is unusual. I hope that you get what you want/need and that you aren't in too much pain for very much longer.

Take care


Hi thanks for the response but I can tell you that I had serious problems after my surgery and went back to my surgeon on several occasions to advise him I thought more problems or the mesh was a problem. They put mesh in to help heal. He kept telling me it is a hard surgery and you need more time to recover it will be fine. I just got confirmed (2 years later) from my ultrasound that more lumps have appeared and I know that the original lump that was removed came back too. So please whatever you do go with your gut as no one knows your body like you do and follow your instincts. I don't know what the hell to do now but am going back to my doc today and further discuss with a surgeon. But really if they have re appeared again obviously this is going to be a problem. Have you or anyone else had lumps removed and gone for hysterectomy ?? does this get rid of the lumps> I have tried over and over to get them to give me partial but they say won't help but lets be real if my period is gone it will eleviate 7 - 10 days of absolute hell!!! I know numerous people that have had hysterectomy and feel sooo much better! So please don't wait 2 years like I have to get this issue resolved fight for yourself and get the answers now instead of dealing with all this pain to come!! I will let you know what happens as you and I seem to have the same issue. I sure hope you get the answers you need to help you!! Do you have endo speckled through out your cervix or just lump forms? Take care and good luck to you!! Cheers xo

Hiya. I was diagnosed will extremely severe endo at 24. Tried danazol etc, but long story short I had no choice but a total hysterectomy at 25. I wish I could tell you that is the cure, but I have had two major surgeries to remove ovarian remnant regrown both sides, with 10cm and 13cm cysts, (condition called ovarian remnant syndrome, which is most likely due to endo, and being on HRT) as well as severe adhesion on internal organs sticking them to my bowel and back wall. I have big probs with bowel, diverticulitis, irritable bowel and polyps, as well as scar tissue. Now 6 months post laparotomy all has fared up again, something growing in pelvis etc etc. on morphine, as well as 3 types of other pain meds each day. Totally disabled. Now have depression too!! As I have lost my home and job due to my health and being too ill to work. Don't know what is next for me. Appointment to see a second gyne for second opinion May. Ladies your body is precious, get as much info as you can and don't be fobbed off or pushed around. I have learned stuff the hard way, and been misinformed by docs. Now am rethinking my whole life. Having been through all this for nearly 20 years any questions welcomed. Love and light. Xxxx

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