Bladder endo and fertility

Hi, I had my first larposcopy 5 days ago where they removed a large chocolate cyst plus moderate endometriosis. The doctor told my husband that he also found some endometriosis on my bladder and kidneys which he couldn't remove as it was risky. I have been trying to conceive for a year and was hoping to start again after the lap but I'm now worried that the bladder and kidneys will affect my fertility and I will have to have a second lap. Can anyone give some advise on this? I have my follow up appointment in 10 days. Thanks x

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I had a chocolate cyst and endometriosis deposits close to my bladder and kidney as well as on my urethra. I am sorry I am not sure about the fertility aspect although I should imagine that being on the bladder and kidneys isn't such a problem for fertility as endo on the ovaries and other reproductive areas which you had removed. However, I just wanted to say that my consultant actually moved my ovary (they call it transposition of the ovary) during a laparoscopy to excise the cyst and endo so that future endometriosis deposits don't grow on the kidneys etc. It may be something to consider having done if you need a laparoscopy in future. This was done at a BSGE centre of excellence and it is such a rare procedure, my case was written about in a surgical journal. I hope this helpsx

Endo on your bladder and kidneys should not affect your fertility. Did your surgeon flush your tubes while you were under? If they didn't, you might want to request an HSG (hysterosalpingogram) . This will check to see if there are any blockages in your tubes. I highly recommend having it done.

Thanks for your reply. Yes I had my tubes flushed and they were clear. My ovaries were also clear. X

That's really positive. I suggest you consult with a reproductive endocrinologist (RE) for tests. They'll advise you on the next course of action towards conceiving. After 1 year trying to conceive an RE is absolutely the next step.

Thanks for your advise I am hoping now that I have had most of the endometriosis this will also help x

Hi, I have been TTC for 7yrs and after my lap in may I had my left tube removed because of the Endometriosis, my surgeon said my right side was good apart from my PCOS which he did clear my ovary of any cysts and said I stand a good chance of getting caught without help but since my surgery I now had Adenomiosis as well so trying to stay positive and hoping it doesn't affect thing to much with it being new from the surgery, so I think you stand a good chance, you just need to try and stay stress free and enjoy your time with the hubby and hopefully things will happen for you, good luck x

Thankyou. Good luck to you too xxx

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