Abdominal wall endo surgery advice!

Hi everyone, I have an endo mass just above my c scar which causes a lot of pain and problems, and after 4 years, MRI scans, large amounts of drugs etc it's finally going to be removed next week! I've found next to no real info online about the actual procedure and was hoping someone who has had this done can advise me on it.... Very nervous and scared!!!!xx

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  • Where are you having this surgery done ?

    Is it at an endo treatment centre?

  • No, it's at the hospital thru nhs. They have me no info apart from the fact that they will be using my scar to open and remove the lump xx

  • Where do you live? As I could look up your nearest specialist centre as the most important thing is that surgery is done by somebody that knows what they are doing and has experience because otherwise you end up with repeated surgerys from incompetent general gyni's. X

  • Aw thanks! I'm in glasgow, think the nearest one is Aberdeen tho. My gp also thinks I have it on my bladder but is anyone willing to check.... R they heck!!!!xx

  • Hi maz I have looked it up and your nearest is Edinburgh the lead consultant there is Dr Andrew Horne I would ask your gp to refer you straight there as that is the best option for you to have a pain free future.

    And I see what you mean they are a bit scarce up there !

    Good luck sharon

  • Thanks Sharon 😊 that's really appreciated... I will ask my gp to refer me on but will keep this appt next week as I am going thru a bad flare up just now and will take any help offered!!!!!xx

  • Just to warn you it may make it harder to see for the next consultant should there be one.

    Do you know if they are doing excision or lazer? X

  • Bit of a catch 22 then!! My gp is totally useless, fully intend to switch surgeries once this is done. It's excision thru my c scar, I know nothing else! Don't know if they will need to use mesh, if I will be out that day or recovery time either! The last gynae I seen who was taking the surgeons patients that day was very vague about the whole thing tbh xx

  • If a surgeon can't give you answers to any questions I wouldn't go near them!

    I refused surgery with my consultant because I didn't trust him it means I've had to go the long way round but I'm now going to an endo centre. X

    Let me know how you get on....

    Good luck. X

  • I'm so confused!!!! I phoned the unit today to see if I could get more info, someone is calling me back on Monday 😡 apparently it's under day surgery, which I'm surprised at as I am under the opinion that opening my scar up to remove the lump is quite a large procedure! I've decided to go armed with all my questions, and if I am not 100% comfortable with their answers, I'm walking out!!!xx

  • Follow you gut feeling it's never wrong. X

  • Hi maz

    I hope you are getting better I'm sending big healing hugs !! I too have a mass growing on my c section that burns,stabs, feeling like a hot poker stabbing me I had my scan and they also found endo in several places in my womb. He could not confirm what the mass was but I know it gets bigger and hurts like hell when I'm bleeding. I've done my own research as at first they tried to fob me off with it was a lump of fat. Well I can tell you I'm a curvy size 14 and no other fat in my body hurts like this. After 30 years of being made to feel like a fool I went armed with my research and yes it's a mass with it's very own blood supply so I'm having it removed it 8 days and counting. Also first lap. I also having fibroid and was told from a scan in my younger days I have pcoc. Please will you get back to me and let me no how you went on, I'm pretty scared right now kx

  • I'm blaming my spelling on the codeine hehe I mean I also have a fibroid and pcos x

  • Hi kaysha40! I'm sorry it's taken me so long to reply! After the surgery, I went on to develop ear and throat infection and now have a viral bug and urine infection so feeling a bit fed up tbh! When is ur surgery? It's very scary isn't it but the actual surgery was ok! Expect a lot of bruising, I was shocked at how bruised I was after. A heat pad is great too. Hope ur keeping well xx

  • I have the same. Am waiting on MRI and then surgery to remove the mass. Been lucky that my Drs have been very knowledgeable but there is next to no info out there on this. So nice to hear from people with the same problem x

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