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Any tips for when applying for DLA?

I have applied for DLA before and got rejected. I didn't appeal because I didn't see the point. According to them I'm not disabled. Since then I have been seen by a pain management team, a cognitive behavioural therapist and an occupational therapist. Here's a list of my health problems..

Endo (non-active but still have symptoms)

Possible adeno (obviously cannot diagnose until hysterectomy)

Restless leg syndrome


Gastric reflux

Hypermobility syndrome (causes damage to joints and causes sub-dislocations daily)

Depression and anxiety

Chronic fatigue syndrome (not yet diagnosed properly)

Migraines (visual)

Adhesions (pelvic)

Sticky ovary (stick to other organs then tears itself off with movement of the pelvis)

I am currently taking these medications...

Amitriptyline 25mg

co-codamol 8mg/500mg

tramadol 50mg

mefenamic acid 250mg

tranexamic acid 500mg

movicol drinks

peppermint oil tablets

A lot of these conditions leave me with chronic pain and the inability to sleep or stay asleep. There is absolutely no way I could hold down even a part-time job, looking after my kids and housework wipes me out completely, I'd have no energy left for job on top of it :(

I now have a load of adaptations to my house thanks to my amazing occupational therapist Tamsyn.

I use a stick or crutches for walking

toilet frame

trolley for carrying things round the house

perching stool for cooking

chair raiser on my arm chair

and grab rails outside my front door

I didn't have these when I last made a claim so I'm hoping this will help. My occupational therapist is doing an assessment for me to add to my claim form too.

I really don't want to have to go through being rejected again so any tips you may have will be gratefully received, thanks xxxx

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Hi. Fair play your going through a lot. I'm on dla for other reasons as I've only been diagnosed with endo. All I can say is it would be outstanding if you were accepted first time even C.A.B say you will be rejected at first but you must appeal. You should get it I'd be surprised if you didn't but all I say is don't give up.

Good luck and take care of yourself.



I am on Dla for different reasons the reason why they reject you is the way you fill the form. These Dla people needs you to show them you can't take of yourself and how it affected your ability to function


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