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Mirena Coil and Acne?

ever since I had mine fitted during a lap to remove a endrometrioma + endo 2 months ago my skin has broken out in loads of spots. I'm 43 and can't believe I have acne again!!! My face is covered and also my chest too. :-(

Did anyone else find this with the coil - is it related? Seems strange my skin was fine the day before I went into hospital and now it's like this. At first I thought maybe it was just the stress of it all - but it has continued now. So fed up with it!

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when my mirena went in the first few months my skin and hair was very greasy, i had to wash my hair almost everyday, something i'd never had to ever before, and my skin just felt awful and i went back to using a flannel on it as it made my face feel cleaner than facial wash. i think its just while it settles your hormones down - mine has been removed now, i kept it for 18 months but have had an ablation now when i had my lap, but i already can feel differences in my moods, at the moment its more tearful, but i hope the rages don't come back, i'd forgotten about my mood swings pre-coil, although maybe my tearfulness is just post op thing, and also being actually diagnosed with endo, and not knowing what is next, although i've been recommended to have a hysterectomy - give it a bit longer it should settle, if not speak to your doctor xx


thanks - yes I guess my hormones are a bit all over the place at the moment after everything. I felt very tearful after my lap as well - to be expected it's a lot for our bodies to go through plus the worry and shock of diagnosis and what's next etc. Hope you feel back to normal soon x


hi Molly i have just had hysterectomy in the last 2 weeks and omg my skin is really spotty especially on my face i was wondering if it could be the anaesthetic i had my mirena coil for 5 years and didnt suffer with bad skin x

take care shaz x


I've had the mirena for almost 5 yrs to combat heavy periods - I bled constantly at around 39/40 yrs old. After a period of settling down the results were wonderful - no bleeding at all. Never felt it fitted - pain free. Partner did feel the string during sex so had them cut shorter so that was solved. On the down side I went through a period of anxiety - this passed and then the acne kicked in about 2 years ago. Has got so bad lately that I've decided rather than replace the coil I will just see how my cycle goes. I have a huge cyst that has developed on one of the insides of my eyelids - a result of a blocked pore - due to excess oil - had it for approximately 3 months - waiting to have it cut out at the hospital. I look a fright. Now at almost 45 I'm expecting to be on the verge of some kind of hormonal changes anyway. If it wasn't for the acne I would definitely replace the coil but it's different for everyone - and I have recommended to others who are very happy on it.


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