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Mirena coil and cystic acne. Rant/moan

My Mirena coil was fitted January 2016, and I thought it was perfect for me. I no longer get any periods, I have no endo pain/cramps/PMS.. It is (and still is) giving me a better quality of life.

The only downside is a sudden outbreak of acne, I suppose it started about 3 months ago. I noticed sore areas along my jaw line and then a few days later there would be a huge boil like spot. Some times they are so painful I have to sleep on my back because having my face against a (fricking soft) pillow hurts!!

I have no idea what to do? Do I really want the coil removed because of the acne? I don't know! Has anyone else suffered with acne while using the Mirena? And why was my skin spot free through out the first year and a half?

At 28 years old having acne like a teenager is really bring me down.

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Hi, I got a bit spotty on the Mirena at first. I found that it settled over time. But I'm not sure why it would start for you 18m in... Maybe it's not the Mirena? Might be worth trying to identify other possible causes? Stress?

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Big hugs, do go see if your GP can do anything for you x . I had to reluctantly give up on my coil due to it causing daily pelvic pain so empathize with the dilemma xx

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Thanks for your reply. It is just so annoying because there aren't many things that help. And when you find one that does help it causes other issues!


Exactly that!! I stuck it 5 months for exactly that reason. I've since tried GnRh s and they were horrendous. I've a pack of cerezette in the cupboard but putting it off am almost certain it will give me low mood issues as both other treatments did.


We do so need better treatment options what little there is, is some other existing medication just repurposed for Endo.


Hi, I believe sun beds are meant to be good for acne to dry them out but of course there is the usual down side to using them, it may be worth a try for a few minutes one or twice a week if there is no hormonal imbalance causing it good luck x

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Your GP should be able to help - there are various treatments like topical antibiotics that they can give you. Having endured adult acne from 18 I feel your pain. Don't bother with any of the expensive face washes etc that are flogged for acne, they don't work especially if you have the deep cystic kind. I also recommend sudocrem at night, and putting a hot flannel on the sore areas can help with the pain.


Thanks, I have sudocrem at home so will give that a try x

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I think I was less spotty with the mirena - I certainly noticed a (very, very) slight recurrence once mine was removed ( I'm now post-menopause).

As I found the mirena was wonderful for all my endo pain, I would suggest you investigate all possible causes for the acne before giving up on the mirena. Check your diet, make sure you are exercising, get advice from GP, dermatologist etc, etc.

Hope you find a solution,

Take care.


To heal the acne, you should try the following:

1) Quit dairy - it's one of the worst culprits in causing acne. When I quit, I stopped getting spots.

2) Use a face wash with salycylic acid. You can also buy a lotion containing it. Paula's Choice has a good one.

3) Take a good quality fish oil supplement to reduce inflammation

4) Quit sugar - another direct link to spots

5) Check out Caroline Hirons' website. She is a skin guru whom I credit with my now-clear skin. She has an acne cheat sheet on her website which will give you an amazing daily routine and will direct you to the best products for clearing acne. She knows her stuff.

Please avoid Sudocream. It's mineral oil based and clogs the skin.

Quitting dairy is the best defence along with the tips of Caroline Hirons.

Oh, and check out Kimberly Snyder - the NYC celebrity nutritionist. She used to have really bad acne until she changed her diet to quit dairy and include green smoothies. Don't follow the diet plan in her book, though - it's ridiculously restrictive. If you want a great skin diet plan, you need Dr Nigma, the celebrity naturopath. x


I'm the same! Actually going to the dermatologist on Wednesday to get accutane! Love my coil for everything else but actually considering removing it now! My hair and skin are so greasy too - could that be linked??


How did your appointment with the dermatologist go?

I've always had dry hair (as in I used to be able to get away with washing it once a week!) and now you mention it, my hair does need washing mid week.

I use dead sea shampoo from boots which keeps the grease at bay



I've got to accutane but can't start until Tuesday! Dermatologist said not to change coil at the moment and accutane should help the oil! I'll keep you posted!


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