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Mirena coil and acne


Hi Ladies sorry to ask hope I'm not being too vain but since having my mirena coil fitted nearly a year ago my acne has got progressively worse I look like a spotty teenager!!! Not a 41 yr old . While the mirena coil has helped me loads with my bleeding it has made my skin awful. I don't really want it taken out as can't go back to the heavy bleeding again. Had anyone had the same side effects or any suggestions to try something for my spots.

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Hi twinny,

Oh yes! I have the Mirena coil in now...it was hell on earth for the first 5 months with constant heavy bleeding and excruciating pain. Now, I still get the pain but a monthly light period :) my face is a mess though!

I'm 26, I always had spot prone skin anyway but never this bad, once a month about a week before I'm due on, it will blow up with humungous spots, especially on the chin. I have tried a lot of different things...

Soap and Glory face milk that seems to be working well or Simple face wash (daily face washes),

Dove soap as a face wash too works for me,

I've also tried a Tanda zap (a gentle UV light emitter that vibrates on your skin), apparently that's supposed to do something, nothing for me,

There is also Skyn (Icelandic serum) you put on your red lumps, go to sleep and it will be vastly reduced by the morning, downside to this is it's expensive.

So, there's my experience :) hope it helps.


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Hi Amy, thanks for replying to my post. Will try a few of the things you have mentioned, and hopefully will help. X

Hi I cant help with solutions but I can confirm that the mirena causes acne - I am suffering too xx

Hi, I was on different pills for years then mirena for 3 years. Never had problematic skin as teenager but was horrendous due to hormones in pill/coil. Tried loads of antibiotic pills and creams from dr but none worked. Eventually I was referred to dermatologist who prescribed roacatain for 3 month. Strong stuff with loads of side effects but totally worth it. Been acne free for 2 years! Good luck xx

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Hi shellbell thanks for your reply,just a quick question did you go on the roacutanne after you had mirena removed or have you still got it.

They like you to have the coil fitted whilst on it as getting preg is a big no no and u have to agree for a termination if u do get preg. I'd already had the coil a few months before going on it. Only had the coil removed a few month ago due to complications and wanting to start a family. Def worth looking into, and before you start scaring. Apart from the odd scar I love my skin now xx

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Thanks so much for the info I have been on roacuttane before about 7 yrs ago but has now come back I think with the coil. I did however get the odd one but nothing like it is now! I might pay a visit to the doctor and see if he'll refer me. It just gets me so down!

Oh yes, my skin is dreadful since Mirena was inserted. Massive great nodular acne that is leaving behind lumps and bumps and my skin is sore and red. My chin was just one large pustule at one stage. Still a mess. Horrible. I may well be going and begging for some Roaccutane at this rate. I've always been a sufferer of acne but had got it under some control with lotions and other drugs. I specifically raised it with my gynae who said that Mirena won't affect it as there is a blood barrier with the uterus and the chemicals won't end up affecting anywhere else. Either a liar or an idiot - I have other reasons for thinking that aside from my painful skin. Right now I don't answer the door make up free for fear of scaring my postman!

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Hi I completely understand where your coming from.I mentioned the same thing to my gynae who like you said it wouldn't effect my acne either. Feel like we're trying to get one thing under control and making another worse! It's never ending. X x

Hi! Having a horrible time with the same thing!! Had problematic skin as a teen. Went to a dermatologist and went on roacutane which was amazing! Cleared up now ten years on coil is causing problematic skin AGAIN. My skin is really sore with the spots. Few years ago when I had a small flare up doc tried the roacutane again, however, after postnatal depression etc, this time I became suicidal 😔. Dermatologist has given me the cream and tab combination of roacutane but it leaves my skin really sensitive! I'm at my wits end! Think the could gonna have to come out xxx

Hi I dad Mariana coil fitted 6 years ago was just looking up info about it as this last few months hav been expierencing extreme ovary pain. Hav been reading people's experiences so here's mine. Was painful to get in bad cramps for a few days and bad pain in upper legs after that things wer fine bit of light spotting for 5 months nothing bad. It's only tonight that I realised that the acne was caused by it lol. Had tried everything acne cream, new makeup which cost £70 in 1 day nothing worked more face creams than any beauty shop would hav. Never had bad skin as a teenager! Am a bit of a choc a holic so after about 2 and a half years realised if I didn't eat chocolate it got better or any sugar a can of club would usually set it of so could not deal with no sweet stuff after a while an started taking antihistamine every day which worked great. Any with the pain I'm having now and perfect skin without any antihistamine and loads of sweet stuff (daily diet) mayb it's stopped working. Any1 any ideas. I'm 44 by the way x

I'm sorry to hear many of you have been experiencing acne. I hope you are able to find treatments soon that work for you.

For those of you that currently have acne, I'm wondering whether you might be willing to participate in my research exploring the emotional experiences of having acne as an adult? Participation involves completing an online survey, which takes c.20 minutes, and by doing so you could win up to £50 in vouchers.

For some people, acne can be a distressing experience and I'm hoping that this study will help inform the ways professionals respond to people who are distressed about it.

I posted more details about it at: healthunlocked.com/britishs...

Thanks a lot, Susie.

I had my coil fitted 4 months ago and my nose looks like a mountain range with the number of spotty lumps and bumps...my skin also really sore...

It's really knocking my confidence does anyone know other alternatives to the coil which also reduce periods for endometriosis??? Could cry every morning looking at my skin x

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