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I'm 17 and have just been diagnosed with endometriosis and polycystic ovary syndrome, although I am struggling with the pain, I seem to be struggling more with the emotional side e.g coming to terms with being diagnosed, and what this may mean for my future. I am waiting to hear from the hospital to have a mirena coil fitted to try and ease the symptoms, if anyone has any advice or information on the coil or how they dealt with the emotional side I would be very grateful!

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Hi I just wanted to say I had my lap last week and have also been diagnosed with endo, lessions and blocked tubes! I was an emotional wreck when they told me and cryed all afternoon like waves of emotions! I think I actually ran out of tears and after a good sleep and posting on here and talking to friends I feel much better. If I bottle up how I feel then I feel upset but talking about it and letting the emotion out helped me. I had read up a lot about endo so hink that helped too knowing the facts and possible treatments etc. I have a follow up appointment in May so will know more then but for now I'm just trying to get better after the op and keep the pain to a manageable level with painkillers. All I can say is talk to friends or family and try to think positive. I know there's no cure but there is help for us and there are many treatments to try. Be kind to yourself and give yourself time to come to terms with your diagnosis and know there are many on here that have given me suport and info so I know I can come on here and everyone will understand how I'm feeling which is also a comfort x

I hope you have some pain relief with the merina and don't worry about what may happen years down the line just focus on feeling better now. You are still young so hopefully as they've diagnosed you at an early age the docs will be able to keep the endo under control. X


Thank you so much for your reply, i completely understand how you feel! thats exactly how I was after being diagnosed. It is such a help being part of this site as if one hasn't suffered with it, I find they don't understand, or are reluctant to talk about it! I hope you make a speedy recovery from your op and they find a way to help with your pain! thank you again for your reply and support :) x


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