Feeling emotional 😰

This morning I have had the mirena coil fitted. To say it hurt is an understatement. I cried afterwards it was so painful, I thought I had a high pain threshold until then and now am in so much pain, which I can cope with am sure but I have gone home from work! 😰 feeling all sorry for myself, just hope it was worth the pain and it eases or gets rid of my endo pains for good....well here's hoping, Finger crossed! Lisa xx

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  • Good luck with the Mirena hun.

    I had mine fitted during surgery so i only had the after pains which were painful enough!

    Well done you i say! xx

  • Thanks Hun. X

  • You're welcome hunni xx

  • Mine was fitted during surgery too. I honestly don't think I would be brave enough to have one fitted without being under general anaesthetic! You've done very well to manage it and try to take it easy until you feel better X

  • Thanks Hun. If I knew It was going to be that painful I wouldn't have got it done with out one. X

  • I had mine fitted and the pain was horrendous, my blood pressure dropped so low the doc wouldn't let me go home for half hour, and I almost fainted.

    When I eventually got home I got into bed and slept all day.

    They gave me strong pain killers which helped

    It has help control my periods so hopefully it helps you!


  • Yeah i felt faint afterward too. Thanks Hun, here's hoping x

  • I think it is unacceptable that women are suffering so much during Mirena insertion. Mirena is cheaper than contraceptive pills for the NHS over a 5 year period . Doctors also get £70 for every Mirena the prescribe to incentivise them to prescribe it Surely the saving /incentive payment could be used to enable a bit of local anaesthetic? There seems to be this expectaction that women should just put up with the so-called "discomfort".

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