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Had enough

Hi, had lap done six weeks ago and had nothing but illness after illness, had bowel infection followed by stinking cold then sinus infection and for the pass five days a very upset stomach, my ears are still blocked from the sinus infection from 10 days ago, really had enough now my body feels bruised and knackered and I'm still suffering with pains in stomach.

When will it ever end

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Sorry to,hear you're feeling so unwell, I think maybe once we've come down with one thing our immune system seems to struggle to fight off too many things at once, have you been to the docs about any of it, maybe you need a course of anti biotics to sort everything out - hope you feel well soon xx


Already had two lots of antibiotics in six weeks, I have doctors this morning, I'm not a depressed person but I'm utterly drained at the moment x


You were very unlucky, there is a bad cold bug going round, I got it about 4 weeks ago and it blocked my ears too. Really weird sensation to be deaf with a cold but it did eventually ease off, and moved to my chest, and I still am coughing up a lung full every day. Not just me, it went round school like wildfire, which is where I probably picked it up too.

With your body already battling away to try and heal the wounds inside it will leave you very suceptable to outside infections, and the earcold is a virus and no antibiotics will help a virus.

The antibiotis will have killed off your good bacteria in the stomach which is why you have an upset tummy now. Buy a few pro-biotic drinks from the supermarked to put back some good bacteria in your tummy to get that working properly again, avoid where possible contact with other people who might be carrying seasonal viral bugs around, you don't want anymore of those if you can help it.

The post op pains do ease off eventually, but can take a good few weeks, especially if your immune system is diverted to battle bugs on other fronts, so please be patient and it will get better. Eat healthily as possible, keep your fluid intake up, take pro-biotics for a week or so in addition to regular foods. and hang in there. You will get better. I know it's so draining and exhausting being bashed from all directions but you will recover in due course.

cyber hugs to you


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