I had my endoscopy done the after math is hell

So i had my endoscopy done they said everything looked normal but they still took 2 biopsies from me what does this mean ?

And am home now two days i feel awful my stomach is upset i dont feel like eating at all just tired and in bed most of the time

And i also had diarrhea smh

How did u feel after will this feeling go away ?

Kind of regret going help

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  • What kind of endoscopy was this? An upper gastroscopy or colonoscopy? I don't know a massive amount and also it depends what symptoms you had as the reason for it but biopsies are quite common during them. I had a upper gastroscopy because of nausea and vomiting. They found no signs of acid reflux or anything like that so sometimes they take biopsies to find out if there's something causing your symptoms that cannot be seen e.g. Bacteria, I think biopsies can help to detect coeliac etc as well.

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