really had enough!!!!!

after having an mri scan a week ago and speaking to the Secretary at the hospital they will not tell me my results all they say is my case is not urgent enough and will been seen to when they find the time. having no relief from pain, even if I'm on oramorph, oxycontin and just getting worse and having no quality of life also feeling like I just do not want to be here anymore coz i live my life round this not the other way round. I'm really just sick to death of it all. sorry for the rant just really had enough xx

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  • I totally understand what you are talking about that was the same after my operation I waited and waited then phoned and the said I was on the list for appointment so I waited again then phoned they looked into my records and said the specialist wants to see you urgent xx

  • just so frustrating ain't it, just wanna throttle someone atm, I hate that they decide who is urgent and who isn't xx

  • Hi Nat

    I'm so sorry for what you are going through. I have replied to several of your previous posts guiding you to the specialist centres since you have what was described as severe stage 3 endo. Can I confirm that you are now being seen at an endo centre?

  • hello, thanks for your previous posts. I am at an endo clinic but have not been told which stage as of yet. I don't seem to be getting alot of information from them xx

  • It might be worth going back to see your GP if they are sympathetic? X

  • thanks for your reply I went back to gp and all they have done is give me paracetamol to take :( xx

  • It might be worthwhile calling the hospital again and asking to speak to the specialist endometriosis nurse and explain the pain you are in. As you are being treated at a BSGE centre the specialist nurses' details should be on the BSGE website X

  • thank you for your advice I will look at this as soon as possible. thanks again xx

  • If you are under a bsge specialist centre, ring them and see if they have any results back,

    Do you have another appointment with the centre or is that what your waiting for??

  • thanks for your reply, I am waiting for another appointment and meant to be booking for surgery but they really dragging their heels about it xx

  • Hi Nat - a week is a very short time after an MRI and they won't give you the results because the scan pictures will be reported on by the radiographer and this report will then be passed to the surgical team who will then get together to discuss your case. It wouldn't be appropriate for the secretary to give you the details of the report. You will be advised after those processes are complete. Unfortunately most of the cases they deal with at the centres are stage 3, 4 and/or rectovaginal cases and there is a process to go through in each case. But what matters is that you are now in the right place. Try to be strong in this knowledge. Have a look at the NHS England contract below which details the steps that are taken at section 3.2:


  • of course and I do understand the Secretary is not able to give information on the phone i think it was more how I was being told I could be waiting months to be seen that got to me. thank you for the information this is very much appreciated xx

  • yes, that sounded especially insensitive which is just what you don't want right now. x

  • exactly you just need bit of understanding not to be made to feel like ur not important. but I suppose not everyone knows how to come across about these things especially they haven't experienced it themselves xx

  • Hiya i know exactly how you feel, I am at the end of my tether too and don't know how much more I can take of living this way, I am 100% sure I have endo but after one exploratory lap I have been told I don't have it! I am in constant pain and having to take oramorph most nights to ease the pain a little but not much. All my symptoms point to endo and my bowel and bladder are both affected by this, I have a lot more pain when need to empty my bladder and bowel. All bowel tests including a colonoscopy have come back clear so it must be gynae!! Hope you get seen soon, nothing worse than not being able to cope anymore, no one quite understands!

  • thank you for your post and sorry to hear of the problems you are experiencing. when I had my lap I was riddled in it and had spread to bladder. but took me sooooo long to get them to listen to me coz u get the normal it's not it or your exaggerating. if you ever need to talk just message me it always nice to have a shoulder when u low. fingers crossed u get sorted sooner rather later xx

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