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Endometriosis and diet

Hi, I've had severe endo for about 11 years now.

I am lucky enough to have had my beautiful miracle baby who is 5 in April.

2 years ago I got told that I'd have to have a hysterectomy, but I'd REALLY love to try and have another baby.

I really want to try and improve my diet to increase my chances (if I can), hopefully you girls would be able to provide this for me.

I don't eat red meat... Probably others but that's the main one.

Thank you!

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I posted about this the other day and ordered some books as a result. I feel v positive. My mum has halted her progressive MS over the last 32 years by healthy eating and I really believe the endo diet can work for us.

Click on Immune System under Topics on the right hand side. There's an excellent thread called Immune Boosters. There's so much you can do!! Think positively.

All the best. X


That's freaking awesome! Thank you so much.

What books did you order and are they any good? x


They haven't arrived!! One was a specific endo book by Henrietta Norton. Also Sarah Wilson's I Quit Sugar. There are loads of great recipe books out at the mo that follow similar principles to the endo diet. The Hemsley & Hemsley one, Honestly Healthy (fab) Deliciously Ella later this week. MeganBee suggest Ella's website? I think they all have great websites. I follow one purelyholly.com, she is gluten free. X


There are quite a few books concerning endo but there's one I found really very good. It's From Pain to Peace With Endo by Aubree Deimler. She also has an amazing website which is well worth examining in detail peacewithendo.com

I also like Deliciously Ella. She's absolute proof that food is medicine!


Hello try these tips:you need an anti-inflammatory diet-Vegetables:

Ginger: anti-inflammatory, useful in treating mild digestive issues and painful menses

Brown Rice

Quinoa: a complete protein, high in iron and calcium, a good source of fiber, manganese, magnesium and copper

Pasta (but exclusively made from Brown Rice, Quinoa or a combination of both)

All Fruits (apart from oranges, since doing the McCombs Candida Cleanse I stopped eating them)

Nuts (in moderation): a plant based protein, high in omega-3, healthy fatty acids, protein and fiber. It helps to maintain a healthy digestive system

Legumes: a wonderful source of protein, micronutrients, minerals, fiber and good carbs

Seeds (i.e sunflower seeds, chia seeds): high in fiber, great sources of protein, vitamin E, zinc, monounsaturated fats and minerals

Oats: full of soluble fiber and healthy carbohydrates

Dried fruits (i.e Dates and raisins) (in moderation) – a source of vitamins and minerals, iron, calcium and phosphorus (can be hard to digest and they contain mold, resulting the overgrowth of candida)

Milk: No, not from cows or other friendly animals. The milk I drink (and make myself 70% of the time) comes from Almonds, Brazil Nuts or Quinoa


Printing this off!! Thank you.

I am allergic to quinoa. It massively bloats me up and makes me feel like something is wedged in my stomach for days afterwards. I spoke to a lady at our local health shop and she said that it is a fairly common allergy. X


Thank you very much :) I really appreciate it x


Your welcome. I also take tumeric its an anti inflammatory antioxidant. You can order this on amazon.Pure Turmeric Curcumin Extra Strength 600mg in Two Daily Capsules ★ Antioxidant ★ Powerful Anti-Inflammatory Effect ★ 60 Capsules ★ Made in the USA ★ 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed UPC: 784672286879-I hope you feel better.

by NutriElite Health Products


Check out deliciouslyella.com for recipe ideas x



There are a couple of things that you could look into such as eliminating hormone unbalancing food. The main culprits of this are inorganic foods, wheat & gluten, dairy and complex starches (white potatoes, legumes, lentils). I know it sounds like you'll not have anything to eat but this is not the case!! Eating out is a little challenging however but sacrifices must be made for health.

There's a lot of information on endo diets and while I don't subscribe to any diet beyond what my body tells me I need it's helpful to read and take recipes from.

Support your body in a healthy way and it'll cope with just about anything. Good luck investing in your health.


Also, be wary of gluten free foods... genius bread, free from pasta etc and all the gluten free stuff they sell in supermarkets. They contain all sorts of horrible chemicals (lots of info if you Google it). I have been gluten free for a few years but I emptied my cupboards of it all after reading how awful it all is. x


Hi, do you make your own gluten free bread free by any chance? Do you have any good recipes for gluten free bread? Thanks


No, just because I am not a huge fan of bread. But, I would try purelyholly.com. She is coeliac and has some interesting recipies. X


VERY good point Marie9. I second that. Just because it has a label splashed across it saying "gluten free" doesn't mean it's good for us!


Thank you all so much for your replies and comments! I really appreciate it. I'm so glad I joined this site and forum. Unfortunately I am currently dying from pain :(


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