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Pregnancy help!!

Hi guys I haven't posted in a while I'm looking for some advice, I'm undiagnosed endo but even my doctor says he is 99% sure that's what the problem is I'm currenty waiting for tests etc. Without going into detail the start date of my last period was 5th June meaning I was ovulating around the 19th -21st (inter course too place unprotected) since then I have displayed many symptoms including bad heat flushed , dizziness, nausea, tender and enlarged breasts, stomach pain, back pain, increased appetite (I normally eat rarely) tension headaches (not sure if hiccups count) I don't know how it all works out but according to the NHS website that makes me around 3 weeks pregnant. I have done 3 tests all all have been negative which is really confusing as I'm showing all the signs that I am maybe I'm just too early to test? Due to unregular periods I don't really know the best time to test.

Has anyone experienced something similar or the same to what I have exained? I am desperate for advice. Thanks Courtney.

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Yes if may well be too early Hun. Leave it another week and then try. Good luck xxxx


Thank you for your response due to being undiagnosed I don't know how far I am with my endo I'm insure whether it's not possible hence the frequent tests and worry it's playing on my mind lol! Thank you Courtney xxxx


I Have endo and it's totally possible to get preggers. I'm 12 weeks! X tested about three weeks and got a negative and then did one a few days after and got my positive. Sending u lots of baby dust x


Hi that's brilliant news congratulations does hat means that we have a tendency to test later than normal or? As obviously were very u regular anyway and they say to test the first day of a missed period but for us that could be anytime lol! I'm scared due to the volume of pain it's going to harm the baby(if there's one there) I feel 98% sure in myself that I am as we know our own body and I feel different it's just that 2% as I'm not testing!

Thanks Courtney xxx


I think it's not that we test later but when your cycles are all over the place, it's going to be hard to figure out where in your cycle you are. For example, before my lap in jan I used to bleed for a normal period then between periods would bleed because of the endo. So most would bleed, then about 14 days ovulate. But if your not sure what's your period and what's breakthrough bleed, it's hard to figure it out.

I also ovulate about day 21 too so if like me you ovulate late, you might not test positive for a while longer.

After my lap Jan in and they gave me a clear out, i found my cycles were a lot more regular and easier to see where I am. I used the app Monthly cycle to track my systems and started to see a pattern. Also, I 100% recommend the clear blue advanced pregnancy monitor. It's not cheap but I fell after two months of using because it pinpointed my late ovulation. Hopefully, though, this is ur month and u won't need these things. Please keep asking any questions as more than happy to help if I can x


I was 7 weeks before I tested positive. Had endo since 13 and pregnancy reduced my symptoms for quite a few years.

Use a good quality test and try again in a week or so.

Good luck xx


Unfortunately I've come on so I'm guessing I was just being too cautious of my symptoms, always time I suppose thank you for your kind reply xxx


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