Driving myself crazy! Endo & Pregnancy


I was diagnosed early august with Stage 4 endo all over womb, ovaries and bowel. They lasered all of the right side and said i would need another operation. The consultants words to me (and these are written in my notes) were.....You will ONLY conceive through IVF. Obviously i was devastated! I was 33 and desperate for a baby!

On 8th october this year i had 4 very positive pregnancy tests! Eeek! Ive had nausea and sore boobs but i cant get too excited about the pregnancy as im so scared I'm not really pregnant and my body is playing tricks on me. Ive seen my doctor who said if you have a positive test then you are definitely pregnant but they didnt do a test. Ive also seen my midwife to book in for scan etc and again she didnt do anything to confirm the pregnancy. I know i will have a scan at 12 weeks but thats around 5 weeks away and im literally driving myself crazy! They told me there is a high risk of ectopic due to the endo and the operation until im around 8 weeks so im resting loads im just really worried!

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  • Wow, it sounds like congratulations is in order

    Well that showed him didn't it, (consultant))

    Just take it easy and try to think positively, eat well and drink loads of water, that will make you feel well generally,

    Good luck with your pregnancy xxxx

  • Congratulations!

    If you are worried call your midwife and tell them you are extremely anxious and feel it might be putting your pregnancy at risk.

    To be honest there isn't anything that can be done but wait at this point.

    Any pain at all in your lower back or around about your shoulder blades then call your dr ASAP. At about 9 weeks it is normal to experance a little pain and spotting though.

    Iv had a few miscarriages and all I can really advis is to listen to your body and make a fuss if your gut is telling you something isn't right. I always knew from day one that something wasn't right.

    Keep us up dated.


  • Congratulations! Just take it easy.

    Pls keep us updated as I am at that point in my life where getting preggy is more of a priority for me than getting rid of this stage 4 endo (even with so much pain, heavy bleeding & cycle that sometimes last a whole calendar month).

    I had a lap for a stage 4 endo in Aug for fertility treatment but nothing was removed or lasered which puts me right back to waiting for IVF.

    I have an appt with the surgeon in Dec so I'll tell him how I feel about his stupid decision to do nothing - sorry I'm ranting now! Congratulations again

  • Congratulations!

    Your situation sounds very similar to mine. In 2010 with stage 4 endo I was told after my 3rd lap that my only option would be fertility treatment. Within weeks I was pregnant naturally with my first son, I now have 2 beautiful boys. Due to my high risk of ectopic pregnancies I was sent for an early scan with both boys to make sure they were where they should be. I would definitely ask your GP if that's something you can have as it will take away a lot of the stress and worry.

    Good luck 😀

  • I was told the same as you back in 2007 when I was diagnosed on 2011 I fell pregnant naturally but was warned as my tubes were blocked and damaged by endo there was a high chance of an ectopic. I couldn't deal with the stress of not knowing and being on edge at every pain I felt so I paid for a private scan at 7 weeks, it cost £60 roughly and it showed that my little baby was snuggled into my womb in the right place and had a strong heartbeat. It was the best money spent as I could relax after. She is my little miracle baby as they could tell the side she was conceived and it was the right side which was my most damaged tube so she fought her way the damage somehow...so despite what the Drs sometimes think our bodies can prove them wrong!

  • Congratulations!! I was told exactly the same by a consultant but then conceived without IVF - I remember feeling the same just couldn't believe it was possible after such devastating news after my lap. I managed my anxiety by keeping doing pregnancy tests (which I know is crazy) - my son is nearly 10 now and I recently found the bag of (stinky)positive pregnancy tests but couldn't bear to throw them as such powerful memories! Given your recent news it's normal to be shocked and scared to believe it but it is true your going to have a baby!!!

  • Congratulations on your pregnancy! I have stage 4 and am expecting our first baby in 3 weeks! He was conceived through IVF. I found early pregnancy a very difficult time, was convinced something would go wrong and also had a lot of pain (prob from my body starting to change as I had a lot of old scar tissue).

    The best advice I can give is to try not to worry too much. We only told our friends and family who knew we were doing IVF and didn't tell anyone else until 20 weeks. The wait for your first 12 week scan is awful, such a long time. You can go for a private scan to give yourself some reassurance but I would wait until 8 weeks as a scan before this may not show a heartbeat which will only give you more stress.

    Congrats again! Xx

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