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Risks of child birth and endo

Hello im just wondering if any one has been told about risks of having a child when having endo...?

Also i have been reading alot do people with endo have more chance of getting differnt types of cancer then someone who doesnt have endo...?

Im only 24 i am about to have my second lap early next year.i have no children and i am thinking of having hystorectomy. But my gp thinks they will not do it because of my age....?

I am confuessed and i dont no what to do.

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Hi Lisa-ann,

I know sometimes with this disease, it feels like we are hitting our head against a brick wall and we can't see an light at the end of the tunnel. But believe me, a hysterectomy should only be considered as a final final option, and even then this doesn't necessarily cure endometriosis.

Explore your options a bit more.

As for risks of child birth and endo, I believe there are some increased risks of problems. But there are risks with any pregnancy and childbirth. I had a lap in june and I am now miraculously pregnant, so I'm hoping that things run smoothly.

I hope you find some answers.

Good luck


Congrats on ur baby .hope everything goes well for you..

What are the risks if u.know could u tell me please

Regards lisa


Also where is ur endo???


Hi Lisa,

I was offered a Hysterectomy when i was 22yrs old, i ws really concidering this option, especially as they told me i only had 95% chance of falling pregnant, but i decided against it and had the merina coil fitted instead and was discharged from Gynae. After a yr i had to have it removed, and 5 months later i fell pregnant with my little boy who is now 15months old. I would advise that you concider all of your options first and miracles can happen.

Also i had no problems with my pregnacy apart fro SPD - Which is just where my hips / pelvic could not carry the weight of the baby but it is very common in pregnacies.

Please look at all your options before making a dicision you may regret. your still young.



Pregnancy is usually one of the best cures for endo, so therefore there shouldn't be any complications at all. If your endo is severe then why not have laser surgery to remove it??? If the doctors felt that your situation was that bad they would tell you whether you need a hysterectomy or not, its not something we can just decide. I have stage 4 endo and after having laser treatment managed to have a baby via IVF. For me the endo returned within a year and again more surgery, however this then helped me conceive naturally. After more surgeries my endo once again has returned to the point now I am having a hysterectomy in just under 3 weeks time. Its scary but hopefully will put an end to my 15yrs of misery.


Hello thank you.. where is ur endo??

Mine is whome and bowl.


Hiya Lisa, my endometriosis covered most of my pelvic area, my womb, bowel and bladder where all fused together with lesions. I also suffer with endometriomas on the ovaries. I even had endo on my appendix which caused me to also have that removed.


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