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Endo, Pcos and Cervical Cancer all linked?????

I have suffered with endo since i was 13 and i am now 26. have had 2 laps so far and after having my first smear test at 25 was diognosed with cervical cancer. had an operation to get rid of it and most of my cervix removed. since then i have slowly been getting more and more pain with each period so have been to the doctors had a scan and now they think i have pcos. has anyone else had similer experiences?

docs say that there is no link but im not so sure and now being at the age i am i want to start trying for a baby but im worried that it wont happen just wondered if there was anyone else that has had the same and can advise me

Thank you x x

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Hey, im so sorry to hear about this, pcos and Endo do come hand in hand and is very common for ladies with Endo to also get pcod but with Endo we are at a very high risk of ovarian cancer but not cervical, I think it was just unfortunate that you got cervical cancer hun, I hope they got it all and that ur in the clear xxx


Thank you. Yes all clear for 1 year so far but now just found out about the pocs sometimes feels it is never ending. well hopefully this is the last thing to deal with and i can start living and start trying for my own family

thank you again for your reply x xx


Regarding a link - you might find a book by Dr Michael Lam "Estrogen Dominance" of interest. All best wishes


thank you very much i will have a look. i just think its all to coincidental for just 1 person to go through all 3 so young x x


Yes - I had a cervical erosion at 22, Prolactinoma (tumour on the anterior pituitary) at 24 and probably had endo in some degree since puberty, reaching advanced stage by 48.

From what I have read about estrogen dominance, it seems this could have contibuted to all of what I experienced and caused by low progesterone levels. Estrogen dominance does not necessarily mean a person has too high estrogen, but just that it is high compared to the level of progesterone.

Apparently we have hormone receptors throughout the body which are not the same for everyone and which is why the same cause can produce different symptoms depending upon where your receptors are strongest. It is claimed estrogen dominance can lead to a number of conditions such as endo, fybromyalgia, hormonal headaches, PMT, PCOS, cervical erosion, prolactinoma, fibroids, post-natal depression (where a previously high level of progesterone (bloom in pregnancy) suddenly drops right off after the birth, osteoporosis and to female cancers. Progesterone being the hormone that prevents what can be harmful effects of estrogen if too dominant.

Another book I read was by Dr Michael E Platt 'The miracle of Bio-identical hormones'.

Not being medically trained I cannot vouch for any of this other than that it made complete sense to me when I read it and seemed to tie up with what I have experienced.

It is interesting that the medical profession generally prescribe estrogen based HRT when this book claims it is the opposite that is required. However, as bio-identical hormones cannot be patented by the pharmaceutical giants - it is not on the agenda for medical school as training is based on what is on offer by the drug companies. Cynical or true.


thank you i have looked up the books on the internet and have read some and i can see the connection. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow so will be armed with some questions for them but its good to be able to research why i get all these problems rather then just knowing what the problem is. x


Obviously I do not necessarily believe that the answer could be so simple and yet the medical profession do not seem to recognise this or test for it - and seeming to think we need more estrogen rather than that it is just that the balance between the two is not right. I am sure there are other factors that come into play too for individuals - but it is an interesting view and one which I am tending to lean towards at the moment - unless I can find subsequent evidence to the contrary.

Your doctor will probably roll their eyes when you mention you have been reading stuff on the internet! I am sure they long for the days when patients did not have access.

It certainly helped me - without it I would have had completely different endo treatment recommended by my first consultant, to what I eventually pushed for.

All very best wishes


Hi, I myself have endo and pcos and have recently been going to dr with pain I kept having a inflamed cervix and got treated for infection but all results come back clear, I have now just had a smear and the results have come back as high grade dyskaryosis but will have to wait for a number of weeks for a follow up Colposcopy.

I have also found myself wondering if there is a link and after reading this stream will be looking at these books.

There is just all to much in common for it not to be linked surely??

I am worried what the results may be from the Colposcopy.

Sorry to come in on the stream but this is all I can find on the internet that has all 3 in one area.



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