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Has having endometriosis effected your sex life and hopes of getting pregnant?


I've been trying to get pregnant for 13 years. Had laparoscopy the removed lesions but have been advises by doctors that it was mild and that it should not effect my fertility. Still it is painful when having penetrative sex. Doctors suggested KY gel but have read this stop sprem so started using conceive plus.

My husband has just been told he hasn't got good sprem mobility last month, after year thinking it was my endo that was the problem.

I also have IBD microscopic colitis which can be painful.

I have stop all pain medication except paracetamol or co-codamol and have refused the pill. The doctors said they can't give me anything if I'm trying to get pregnant.

Any suggestions for pain free sex? I have just about given up trying for a baby as they said I'm to old to get treatment on NHS

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There are lots and lots of posts on this forum about painful sex lives. Some ladies give up penetrative sex, some try IVF to conceive, some have sex but with painkillers before and after, some find alternative ways of being intimate with a partner, some have tried surgery on the adhesions causing the pains with varying levels of success.


might explain the pain and one option to tackle it.

Just se the search engine box at the top of the page and type in key words to see all the posted comments on any particular issue.


There are lubricant on the Internet that are safe for sperm are a bit expensive but worth it as I used it what I was trying! The other thing you can get is ovulation tests cheap of the Internet and find out when you are ovulating. So you know when you are then have sex on and around those days sperm lives up to three days so you don't have to have sex every day to try and get pregnant! In Ivf one of the procedures they use is have some if the man's sperm and insert it high in the vigina to help the sperm have a better chance of fertilising the egg. If you and your partner don't mind you can do a home methord at home! You can by baby mediation seringes from chemist they are for giving Calpol when they won't take from a spoon! So when you know when your ovulating you can gather up your fellas sperm in the seringe and use that to put it inside you with care and when your relaxed! That's how I got my first boy after 9 months of being on clomide and it was my last hope I hope this helps ;0)


I'm also trying for a 2nd baby I had my first 4 years ago. I've been trying for about 3 years. I use Preseed lubricant it's safe to use while trying for a baby and it does really help both during and after BD. I use the clear blue ovulation predictor machine. I used it with my first and got pregnant in 1 year. I've also recently read about a ovulation microscope this is also made by babystart and they make the Preseed. I have my age working against me too because I'm 41 so even though these things haven't worked for me yet I would give them all a go you have nothing to lose.

Good luck.x

P.s You can get all of the above on amazon.


Like you I have painful intercourse (penetration, during and then after, which can last up to 2 days!) and I am trying for our first baby.

I haven't found anything that will get rid of the pain unfortunately. What I have done is find out what positions cause more pain than others. I have found the missionary is the least painful. Also depends how deep penetration is. (sorry too much info!) But it may be different for others. Also like impatient says it doesn't always have to be intercourse. Although because I feel rubbish most the month having any sort of sex is a blessing!

Best wishes x

Thanks for all the suggestions. It's encouraging to know that there are others who are going through the same stuff. My period started today. Not sure what's getting down the most the endo pain or the disappointment that it we need considered ICSI cause we are having no luck conceiving naturally.

I've been tracking my cycle and have considered the ovulation test but never tried them. Will give them a try and the preseed.

Thanks everyone xx

HI psychosue,

Im afraid I dont have the solution, but I can feel your pain on this issue. My fiance and I have not had sex in at least 3 years...its just agony. I often worry how we will be able to have a baby one day when we cannot even go through the necessary process ;) I did ask the consultatnt this question, but he had no answer either. I hope you manage to get pregnant soon :)xx


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