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Still bleeding?

I had a lap approx 5 weeks ago and they fitted a mirena coil. Since then I haven't stopped bleeding, not always alot but nearly always a blacky brown colour and occassionally red. I was discharged from hospital with a peice of paper that said yes you have endomitriosis and we have fitted the mirena coil. I don't even have a follow up appointment? The pain is no different than before the op and I now have new pains (calf). Is any of this normal?

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i had my first lap in febuary after being messed around by doctors for 10 months and being in and out of a&e 2-3 times a week and being sent to urology,general medical and eventually gyny where the consultant said my pains were nothing to do with his dept but he would do a laparoscopy( he was reluctant to do it tho) ,anyway i had been in pain from may and had the laparoscopy the following febuary where yes u can guess it .....they found endometreosis .the nurses were great on the day but the surgeon was rubbish he told me after what he had found -no idea where he found it and didnt even tell me what endometreosis was i had no idea and i also had no follow up appt then he went on to say i should have a mirena coil and he could have fiited it at same time of op ? why not suggest that before i ask myself ? i was just sent away to 'get on with it' .4 wks later it came back . i moved house and the pain had got worse and worse i went to the doctors again (im living in a different area now) i went to my new doctors and the lady doctor i saw was shocked and immediately printed me off pages of info on endometreosis ad suggested i had mirena coil fitted and booked the appt for nxt day . so ive had the coil since may, after 2 wks of having it fitted my partner ended up calling an ambulance out because i was bleeding so badly i went thro 15 thick pads in 3 hours and was in agony!ive now had 2nd laparoscopy and discovered that my bowel and bladder were stuck together and they found end other places but im not sure where yet i have a follow up appt nxt wk .i was also taking progestrone tablets before the op and with that and the coil stil bleedingand in agony . since having the 2nd laparoscopy nearly 3 wks ago still bleeding (bored of it now !) and still have niggling pain and also have another odd pain on opposite side of abdomen to where i usually get the major pain. im lucky i have a follow up appt this time to hopefully discuss everything. but if i were u miranda i would try n get an appt for a follow up otherwise u will be just left to suffer . i was made to feel like i was imagining the pain went from 11st 4 to 9st 10 in a month and was left to haemmorage so bad in january after 3 wks of being fobbed off by previous doctor that i eventually collapsed and then spent 2 days in hospital. i have found u have to bug these doctors to listen to you otherwise they just ignore u . i have been told my the new hospital that i now attend that i should have had a follow up appt after my 1st lap .sorry if ive gone on a bit but if i were u i would definately get another appt dont let them ignore n let u suffer . regards heidi


Hi Miranda,

I've had a couple of mirena coils over the years and had bleeding for some months each time - it can be troublesome for some ladies. It must be disconcerting not having a follow up appointment - have you spoken to your GP? The other thing is - mirena works for some women but not everyone. If it is not helping you (and it may take some months to figure this out as it takes a while to settle down) and the side effects are problematic, you need to seek advice from the hospital. Sometimes it is hard to ask for help but it is your body and we all react differently to these things. I have met women who had great experiences with mirena coils and others who didn't. Personally, I was ok with the side effects (the bleeding ultimately stopped) but it didn't work for me with the pain, primarily I think because the endo affected my bladder quite badly - but we are all different.

Good luck with things and please keep us posted as to how it's all going.



hi miranda, i had the marina fitted back in august i bleed none stop for 3 months until i decided i was going to take it out myself they messed me around they will tell you thathe bleeding is normal for upto 6 months and then it will calm down my gyne put me on norethisterrone to stop my bleeding that did not work .since i have took it out i bleed for a few days after and then had a small period when was due on. im now due to go back to gyne to see what eles they can do for me i know i need a laparocopy butgetting them to do one is impossable at the mo dont know why i think its because i had one done in 2006 where they fitted me with one during myy lap that fell out after 18 months i was bleed very heavy still and my blood was dark thick and at times bright red it was mainley bright red tho just dark when i was due to come on. i hope this help go back to your doctors if you are not happy they may send you back to gyne if not request that thwy do. take care xx


Thanks for your comments. I have now been back to the doctors because everytime I go for a number 2, I get a lot of very red blood from my vagina!!! I thought this was a bit odd as afterwards and before the blood is dark brown. The doctor said I don't know, but I will give you a course of antibiotics to take. I got the prescription and it was for 2 lots of antibiotics and I have to take 900mg 3 times a day. All they seem to be doing is make me feel sick. After these tablets have finished I am going to go back. I am sick of hearing "oh thats quite normal"! what is normal? I think the problem is normal GP's don't know anything about this. I also have a huge swelling in my right groin right under my knicker line, he didn't even have a look. Oh well, 6 more days before I go back :-( xxx


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