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Light headed/ dizziness feeling?

I can get light headed/dizzy feeling when I am walking that I need to stop and rest as it comes with feeling hot and nauseous too. I can also get it suddenly when I stand up and not necessarily standing up too quickly? But I don't have it all the time.

Just wondered if anyone else gets light headed/dizzy feeling? Or does anyone know if it can be a symptom (or uncommon symptom) of endo? Knowing me, it is probably just another thing to have to deal with ontop of endo.

Thanks for reading my query. Appreciate it.

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I've been getting light headed/dizzy and nauseous while walking during the first 3-4 days of my period in the last couple of months. Not sure if it's a symptom though... I haven't been officially diagnosed as yet but it's looking likely.


Hi. Thank you for replying to my question.

Sorry to hear you are having trouble with light headed/dizzy and nausea too. I hope you get a diagnosis soon so that you know where you stand with the endo. I got diagnosed, but without a Lap so I don't know where or how much endo I have.

Will let you know if I find anything that says it could be a part of endo. But, like Impatient has put below, it is most likely a number of other things causing it.

Once again thank you x


it's not a symptom of endo as such, but it could mean your blood pressure could be a bit barmy (low usually but sometimes racing too fast), a visit to the GP means he/she can check your BP, and send off a blood sample to checked out.

It could be lack of fluids (dehydration so drink a full glass of water with meals it won't hurt and might help),

or may be a side effect of medication you are taking too.

frequent dizzy spells usually indicate something else is not quite right in the body and it could be very minor or more serious, so if it happening more than once in a blue moon, best mention it on your next visit to the doc.

If it happens more when you are having a period and bleeding heavily, that's not due to endo but heavy blood loss and low blood pressure.

Should the dizzy spells be recent only , and you have or have had a head cold, it could be a symptom of an inner ear infection or blockage from the cold that hasn't yet resolved itself. Can you remember when this first started happening and can you match it up to having any other bug at the time?

Lots of things can cause dizzy spells so thinking through what the rest of your body is going through when they happen can help pin point the cause.

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Thanks Impatient for your words of advice again. I wasn't sure if it was a thing to do with endo esp as I hadn't heard anyone else on here mention it.

I drink a lot of water as it is really all I do drink, apart from the occasional pepsi. I do have a slight low b/p but was told it was nothing significant and a recent blood test which checked all the norms i.e iron, thyroid etc came back fine. I have had a head cold but was experiencing this before I got the cold. Plus it not always when I am having a period and I am not taking any medication at the mo either. But at least your thoughts have helped me to think about it.

I will do as you suggest and mention it when next at gp. THANK YOU xxxx


Thanks for this. I have exactly the same symptoms as Caf123 so this is really helpful.



I've had this a few times and its normally during my period or if I haven't eaten properly! I had blood tests which were all fine. Then had them re done a few weeks ago and was told I was anemic but not too much! She said probably a different time of the month I'd be fine so I brought iron tablets which I now take from the week before my period and if I know I haven't eaten iron rich foods ill have one too. I have also noticed if I've had a bad night with not much sleep I go hot dizzy so if your tired its probably not helping. It's always worth asking your gp even though mine just said well it cause of the pain! Not helpful. I hope this eases for you as its not a nice feeling.

Sorry I can't help more but this is what I guessed I have a high heart rate but blood pressure fine but wasn't told this would do anything apart from possibly make me more tired!

Hope they give you some answers at the docs xx


Thanks Lillyflower for answering my question. Your points are a great help. Think I will keep a note of when the dizzy/light headiness occurs and see if concurs with times I've not slept well and if more so during my period.

Once again thank you, really appreciate it. x


I normally get like this in the days leading up to my periods - its due to the hormone changes: although I have pcos so thats what causes mine. I also get it during/after my period, mostly when it's been a heavy one due to temporary drop in iron levels, or when the pain is really bad (or when I have codeine fog!). Some women talk of Endo Fog messing with your balance and concentration though.

Agree that probably best to make a note of when it happens. Hope you pinpoint the cause soon x


Thanks cloudyrain really appreciate you answering my question too. You make some interesting points. Sorry to hear you suffer from it too.

Hope you have a good weekend x


Hi there. I too suffer with light headedness and dizzy spells which can be so bad I'm forced to whip my head between my knees quickly! Since starting Zoladex treatment I haven't suffered though. I have read somewhere that it is a symptom of endometriosis but I'm afraid I can't offer any depth of knowledge behind it.


Thank you for your reply to my question. Really appreciate it.

Yeh I thought I had read it somewhere of being a less common symptom, but cannot remember where I saw it. Least I don't think I imagined doing that now as u have seen it somewhere too! :-)

Am I right in thinking Zoladex is a hormone treatment for endo? I would try it if it was to help, however I am trying for a baby and don't want to start using hormone drugs for as long as possible. But I am happy that it has been helping you with the light headiness/dizzy.

Thank you again. Best wishes x


Zoladex is a hormone treatment and it puts you into a menopause, so, not at all helpful if you're trying for a baby.

Do you suffer with nausea? Again, Zoladex has erradicated that for me.

Thanks for your best wishes. Best wishes to your good self on all fronts x


Thought it perhaps was as heard a lot of ladies on here saying they are on it. But it good to know that it does help with these symptoms so when the time does come to go on hormone treatment I wil know there is something which will help.

Yes I do suffer from nausea, which can be very extreme to that I feel like I need to be near a bowl or loo as feel like gonna be sick any moment..but never am! Again the gastro dr said this wasn't a symptom of endo! Even tho I know it can be!

Thanx again x hugs x


Gosh, these 'specialists' really need to get themselves into gear. So many of us suffering yet we're having to do our own research and tell them their job!!


sucks doesn't it! Thank goodness for this site and the wonderful ladies on it (inc you) who can keep us sane, give us support and share information. Helps us feel like we are not going crazy!


It's tremendous having this site. There are so many knowledgeable sufferers and forewarned is forearmed. Huge thanks to you all out there xx


Hi Squidgy,

Hope you're ok. It's a horrible feeling when you get that rush of light headedness (if that's a word). I've had bloods done before, on less light headed feelings (in fact I hadn't noticed anything) and been told I am, or was, slightly anaemic so started taking multi-vits with iron, but have had a lot more since the poss. endo or whatever it is problems started.



Hi komeara

Thank you for your response to my question. Sorry to hear that u too suffer from it.

Like you I had a blood test done to check for anemia, thyroid etc and all were fine. I do take a multi vitamin everyday with iron in it, but still no luck. Just another thing to deal with, which us endo sufferers are so used to.

Hope u ok today x


you not alone, have thought about it over and over, i think it is the facct that we know something is wrong with our bodies and it takes a phycological toll on us to a point where we feel very sick nausea and somtimes vomiting.Remember what is in side you is foreign it will not feel normal.


well said. Thank you for taking the time out to respond to my question, really appreciate it. x


Hi just wanted to agree with janita, after getting the message that I am likely to have my lap next week I've felt sick and light headed which I think is stress related and suddenly thought everytime I was getting stressed not knowing what's going on in my body and worrying about being able to get all my work done when the pains are bad I feel sick! I'm generally a calm person and would say I don't stress very easily but I'm sat here thinking I put a brave face on and think I'm fine but psychologically it in the back of my mind all the time and so maybe its all effecting me more than I think ! I had before always thought it was not eating properly or being slightly anemic but now I think maybe its just my body reacting to everything! Just thought I'd share my thoughts with you. Feeling calmer today and and had a needed layin this morning so feeling better in myself x taking vistamins etc can only help so hope you find a way to ease these symptoms xx hope your having a better day today x


Thanks Lillyflower for your response. Really appreciate it.

It is great you have got an appointment for your Lap coming up, but can def understand how worried/stressed about it you are.

Yeh I def think stress doesn't help and is a part of it. I have been trying reiki to try relieve stress and the symptoms of endo..but no luck with it yet!

Glad you feeling better in yourself today and had a much needed lay in today. I am having a better day too, which is nice for a change.

Best wishes x


Glad your having a better day, the reki may take a while to feel the benifit I know I had weekly accupuncture for a month before I felt much benift but its worth trying these things even just feeling calmer and more relaxed after seems to help me cope with the pains even if it doesn't ease them. Will be interested to hear how you get on with it and its good to try anything that may help other than pills!! X


Thanks let me know about trying acupuncture. Glad it was of some benefit of sorts. Yeh it nice to try something that doesn't involve pills! Will let you know if reiki starts having any effect. x


Hi there, such a relief to know that


Sorry...............to know that I am not the only one who feels dizzy before and after my period. I usually get migraines, bloated, but this time, after my periods i am more than a week feeling dizzy, weak, dehydration. Now only (after a week from my period) i feel a strong pain in my lower left abdomen , its like i cant sit down, feeling of some discomfort, continue pain. I went to the Doctor and all he said to me is it because Im not eating properly , enough....I am a bit anemic.., so i am taking no 4th day vitamins for women,,Wellwoman,,(Iron, B6, B12, B16), fingers. I'll see how i feel this week and if its getting worse-im gona get my blood tested.

Fingers crossed :)))))))we all wanna rush, getting things done quick and look better, that we don't realize our half needs TLC as well...Good luck Ladies and lets keep in control this annoing dizziness!!!


Hi! I've also experienced what you're going through. I chalked it up to hormones and not drinking enough water and not being active. Now during my fertile week, I ALWAYS get sharp pains usually on one side of my abdomen. I was told this is my egg dropping. I also always get dizzy and lightheaded about a week before my period, during my period and a few days after. Then I'll have a feeling of well being...until the next cycle. It sucks! Only being active, eating in the morning and drinking water seems to help. If I get sedentary then all the symptoms get worse. Oh and have your vitamin D levels checked! I was severely deficient!


I've had this the same way you've had it I've not got a definite endo diagnosis waiting for a lap gp don't know why I get it have had blood tests etc all normal it is often worse a few days before a period which suggests it's hormonal I have read and seen on orther posts that it can be a symptom of endo


Hi lisaevs, Bless you suffering from this too. I hope you don't have too long to wait for the LAP and you get some answers soon. Just knowing it not all in your head (which is how a lot of drs make us feel) is a big relief. x


Ah thanks for that gp has thought it is endo for sometime saw gynaecologist consultant a few times have tried various things cerazzette and coil as I'm 45 so pill not the first option both treatments not worked seemed to make everything worse so they now decided to send me for a lap got pre assessment clinic next week so that a good start I hope they find out what causes the dizzy ness for you as with everything else we don't need other problems I find this site and the people on here amazing xx


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