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natural therapy and whats worked for you?

I myself am a natural therapist and specialize in massage and bio-energetic medicine chakras, auras, crystals and healing and so on and would like to start treating ladies like ourselves but I need to first get my health on track as im no good to anyone not well would just like a whats helped and what hasn't of the natural world as im studying to specifically treat endometriosis and other female issues and would like any imput you guys might have thanks x

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Hi natureschild. Sorry to hear your health is off track at the mo. Hope it recovers well enough for you soon.

I have just started having Reiki. Only had 2 sessions so far. I cannot say I have felt any relief as of yet. But it is nice and relaxing. The lady said she could feel where I was getting the pains.

I enjoy a massage to relax and unwind. I have heard someone on here say they have found someone who specialises in a massage for the tummy and back which is good for endo sufferers.

The Reiki lady I saw mentioned an aloe vera gel supplement drink (take 60ml a day) but I wasn't too sure of what benefits this would have.

I am not too sure if that is of help or not. I hope it was.

Best wishes x


it all helps thank you id like to start with just the relaxation and stress and pain management at first!

I do thik the massage helps on the tummy but from personal exsperiance and massaging my self it can be to intense and uncomfortable when its aggravated I treat on a holistic basis that's why im just going for the above for now and would just like to know what and if you ladies find works?

I use a lot of aloevera myself but I have a big plant and can make my own juice its not something I use a lot of the juice just if my acid is to much!

see im a healer I don't don't do reiki im qualified in it but I don't channel energy from anywere other than the earth or myself :)

had bad exsperiances with people who claim to be masters in the field and do more damage than good each to there own what helps helps I just find a different method for my energy :)

please let me know ladies would be soo helpful xxx


I use chiropractic care for back and hip pain and applied kinisiology for nutrition. I am very susceptible to candida which I read is not uncommon for endo sufferers so I take Oregano complex, acidophilus, B vitamins, apple cider vinegar and wild yam. I generally find avoiding sugar and too many carbs works for me.

I'm really interested in treating naturally where possible. Endo causes such numerous and varied symptoms that at times we can all find ourselves taking all sorts of medications! So I'd be very eager to follow your progress in your research! Thanks for raising it and good luck getting your health back! Xx


Hi There

I have'nt (so far anyway)had experience of much natural therapy for endo but i do use religeously essential oils in my baths lavender ,gyranium and rose.Not entirely sure If it helps but when pain is relly bad it makes me feel relaxed for a while.I would really like to know it bit more about essential oils and there healing properties .good luck wiyh your research.Bxx


thanks ladies yeah candida shows up alot witch would make sence and would recomend everyone take it im just getting sorted to change my diet and do some testing on myself but been really bad with pain past month so waiting till im a bit better will update soon xxx


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