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Natural treatment and dieting for endometriosis

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I have heard that some natural medicines and dieting can help to lower endometriosis. Has anyone have any idea of what can be taken?

Thanks :)

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Hi Noorri,

Yes! Definitely the way to go with Endometriosis. I have a website which is completely devoted to natural healing of Endometriosis. I go into great depth on how to go about healing and I have a free 30pg ebook which also explains it all even more. Visit

Look forward to meeting you there,


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Noorri in reply to EndoEmpowered

thanks Melissa

I will have a look at the website. My story in brief, had done two laparoscopy and one laparotomy for endometriosis cyst. Laparotomy dated 20 April 2012 and now still with a cysts of 3.3cms. Am on Zoladex. That's why want to try alternative medicines.

Thanks a lot for the website :)

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NoshB in reply to EndoEmpowered

Hi Melissa, I just had a look at your website and was interested in the Maca Powder, was just wondering where I could buy it and is it expensive?



Brilliant decision. I had 7 operations and countless hormonal drugs before realising this just wasn't working! It was the best thing i ever did!

Pleasure! :)

Hi Noorri,

Do check out the book 'Take Control of your Endo' by Henrietta Norton--really practical and lots of information x

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Noorri in reply to Hilary100

Thanks Hilary

I will surely get the book. so nice of you :)

Hi Noorri

health alternatives are the way forward! I take Agnus Castus twice a day, i find this really helps with the pain of endometriosis, especially around the time of month, and i fell pregnant twice using this (unfortuantely i misscarried) but it gave me hope for the future. It does also increase fertility, but i'd highly recommend using it

Louisa x

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Noorri in reply to LouisaM

Hi Louisa

Thanks for the reply. Does the Agnus Castus sold in pharmacy?

Sad to hear that you had two miscarriage. I have had an ectopic pregnancy last year - cornual pregrancy :(

Thank you once again for your help

Hi i have been on the endo diet bought the recipe book by carolyn levett its very hard to stick to but i found that cheese, red meat, chocolate and pasta really affected me give it a go, i also take iron tablets to boost some energy and take evening primrose which i read helps. I did a course of zoladex which didnt really help me as it wore off after 2 weeks but for 2 weeks i felt great, im now taking naproxn tramadol contraceptive tablet, im still in agony so im now back to sticking to me diet again hope this helps

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Noorri in reply to ruthbond

Hi Ruth

I do understand that it is really hard to avoid these types of food :(

I will buy the evening primrose.

Me too was on Zoladex 2 years ago and now again i am on zoladex - second shot done last friday. After a laparotomy and removal of endo cyst. cyst returned again :(

Hi Noorri

also sorry to hear about your pregnancy :( life seems so unfair at times, but we have to stay positive. Agnus Castus is sold in health shops, buy the tincture (liquid drops) and put 15-20drops into a small glass of water twice a day. I must say i feel this product is my little miracle! It helps me so much. They do say give it about 2months to feel full effects of it though xx

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