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Have you tried natural treatment to Endometriosis?

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I have been avoiding surgery, thus, looking for natural approaches. There's diet, which doesn't seem enough. So I would like to know what have any of you tried but the conventional medicine?

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I'm not the best person to reply as I'm still awaiting diagnosis (although almost certain I have it) - but have found diet, specifically cutting out gluten, to be a huge factor. I had 5 pain-free days between February and April when I was still eating it, versus 17 in a row from the day I cut out gluten. I also find exercise, yoga and 'de-stressing' (though I still struggle with this one!) helpful by setting time aside for me doing little things like colouring in, reading, even spending time with my cat. I hear meditation is great, too, though I've not tried that yet. Supplements have helped me hugely too (specifically magnesium, zinc, calcium, b6, b12 and d). 

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That's great...I have tried most of those..and yes gluten free helps really a lot. Calcium...mmm have to include that. And how is it going?


Since my pain has come back I have invested lots of time and research into the gluten, wheat and dairy free diet and I am slowly cutting it all out. I am also taking some of the supplements the other girl mentioned. Overall I think it is too early to say how much the diet is helping as I have still been having sweet foods which they say are also a contributor to the endo pain. Yesterday was a fine example of the sugary things causing pain, I had baked homemade gluten free almond cake but that still had sugar in (although i opted to make with healthier' light muscovado) and in the evening i was crying in pain, but on days when i have the healthier options my pain is less. I will keep updating my progress for the diet, but it seems that there are lots of reasons to swap to the gluten, wheat, dairy free etc diet. Here is a source of info i found recently


also i downloaded the book i found on here


Sophie x

I have been to see a nutritionist again recently and even after a week of cutting out certain foods I am already starting to feel slightly better. Sugar is really linked to making my pain worse. I've stopped eating any processed food, gluten, dairy and sugar. I have purchased loads of supplements and am drinking pukka green tea & three mint tea. It has been expensive but I am seeing a difference. I did have some pain when on my period but nothing like last month and it didn't last as long. I've also bought myself a Fitbit to give me motivation to go for a walk on the days I don't usually exercise. I'm looking at finding some kind of mindfulness group or yoga and also considering acupuncture or shiatsu. I've had 2 lengthy operations and if I have another it would be to remove a section of my bowel so therefore I am looking at all possible alternatives first. 

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Yes, I did spend lots of money on supplements too, and also organic cosmetics so I decrease the intake of toxins.

Hope you get better and won't need another surgery.

Try serrapeptase. it's an enzyme that breaks down dead proteins. worked for me


mm...will check for it. Thank you

Thank you my ladies...hope you all get pain free...love hugs

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