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would really like someone to talk to/ new friends anyone???

I live in the north east of England and I arnt very good with the internet and don't get on hear very often just wondered once gotten to know if any body would be up for texting???

would like very much to have someone who understands and help and I will give the same in return! if it helps im a qualified natural therapist im intrested in all sorts of weir and wonderfull things and I make my own jewellery.

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How long have you suffered with endometriosis? I know how hard it is, especially since its such a poorly understood condition. I am a final year Biomedical science student, and one of my areas of interest to research is endometriosis. Are you having any treatment at the moment?


hi ive suffered with endo or been diagnosed for going on 7 years but suffered well before that its nice to know there is people out there reasurching it im on a pop pill at the moment and pain killers I struggle with the other pills as my mental health got really bad on them and that's all im getting for now there also treating me for abnormal cells of the cervix!


Hi, I'm from the north east but now living abroad.

If you want to chat about consultants or anything I'm very happy to let you know who cared for me


Check out the Endo-UK website--there is a support group for County Durham and Teesside--maybe you live near enough to meet girls there. You can ask for more information about it


Hello Natureschild - I'm Annie, and I run the Teesside and Durham Endometriosis Support Group. I've just come across your post whilst searching for something else, but wondered if you'd still like the support?

I try to hold meetings every few months, and have established an absolutely brilliant bunch of ladies who are all going through this too. If you'd like to come along to an informal meeting(coffee and cake kind of thing!), I'd be happy to welcome you!! If this is the case, please follow this link and click on the 'local group enquiry form' (bottom of the page) to register your interest and a few basic details - I'll be in touch after that :-) endometriosis-uk.org/teessi...

Don't be alone.

Hope you're having some pain free time!!

Kind regards,


(Teesside and Durham Endo Support Group Leader)


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