Hi all.I am sorry if my question sounds trivial when many of you are in so much pain.I am on my third month of cerazette and my skin is in an awful state,full of big lumpy spots.Wondered if any of you could recommend a good cream (though I don't think there is much left to try!) I am way beyond my teenage years so sure it's my hormones.Sorry again if it seems a petty problem,just getting me down.

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  • Don't apologise at all honey - it's horrible, I suffer quite badly due to manky hormones caused by PCOS so know how you are feeling!

    I've found quinoderm (from the chemist, though without prescription) is excellent is drying up spots that are there. It's quite drying and a thick stinky cream, so I only use it at night, and then slap the moisturiser on in the morning.

    Good luck honey x

  • Thank you for the advice cloudy rain.I will be trying it tomorrow.x

  • Morning does it work? I can do dot to dot all around my neck :-( doc jeeps saying its hormones:-(

  • I've had the same problem while on that pill. I've found using as natural ingredients as possible helps when moisturising. I use Hemp face protector from the body shop.

  • No need apologise hun. It not trivial if it is affecting you. Also it helps highlight another area which others may be suffering from but not spoken about or made a connection about (me included!)

    I have lumpy spots around my neck and side of face. I don't use soaps, body wash etc on my face and neck and hardly wear make-up to try help. But know it my hormones esp as it flares up nearer my period.

    Thank you for highlighting this issue. x

  • Thank you ladies.It's definitely hormones.I have an appointment with my endo nurse on thurs so will ask her if she has any tips for us.I bought some quinoderm on your advice cloudy rain so will be trying that tonight.hope you are all having a pain free day.

  • Dermatological Overnight Clearing Gel works for me. Far and away the best thing has been changing my diet however - I do a strict endo/candida diet and I believe the no sugar, dairy and less carbs has really helped my skin. Hormones are a pain in the butt! But hopefully you've got afew more things to try now. All the very best. Xx

  • Hi,

    I know how you feel it is demoralising. I have found Antiac spray by Salcura, completely natural you can get it from Amazon much cheaper than boots. Just follow the instructions on the bottle. I also used a ph balanced wash by faith in nature. I did that for a fortnight now I use it when needed and I have used it on my neck, face, chest and back. I wish you well. X

  • Thank's.I have bought the dermalogica today.with that and the quinoderm I hope to see some improvement.I have a wheat free diet and eat little dairy tho maybe should cut it out completely.all of your advice has been gratefully received.

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