So I am now back in hospital as of yesterday, 8 days post op. Felt awful and in excruciating pain all week so after visiting my GP yesterday and having a temperature of 38.1 I was admitted to SAU at Royal Stoke hospital where they checked my urine which was positive for blood and leukocytes so I have been on IV antibiotics overnight and had a CT scan of my pelvis and stomach which has shown a collection of infected pus, hence why I'm in so much pain. So the consultant has decided to see if the infection subsides wth the antibiotics but if not they have to open me up again. As you can imagine I feel really poorly and extremely emotional. Back on oramorph but I'm still in so much pain.

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  • Oh you poor thing, I hope you get some relief soon, x

  • hi heidi. sorry to hear u r still having problems. better that its been picked up now and its not been left to develop further. i had a severe infection which had built up from the start but docs ignored it. eventually all the pus just literally poured out one day. i hope they can sort you without having to open you up again. sending you big hugs x

  • It's so painful, I feel really ill, I told them at Stepping Hill as soon as I was out of surgery I didn't feel good and had severe pain in my pubic area but you said it was brushed off x

  • once again it is very frustrating when we know something doesnt feel right but they just ignore us. they cant do that now you are back in hospital. hopefully the antibiotics will start to work quickly for you x

  • Hi Dawntildusk, I've started to some pus but its really burning and its painful, was it painful for you when the pus poured from you? Xx

  • hi rachel. it prob was a bit sore but it was quite overwhelming when it did happen because there was so much of it. they ended up taking a swab which after a week or so showed that i had a hospital acquired infection. took three different lots of antibiotics to get it sorted. are u still in hospital? have they swabbed u?

  • Hi Hun, sorry to hear you're not doing so well. Hopefully you will start to feel better soon. Thinking of you. We're here if you need us.

  • Thankyou so much xxxxx

  • Oh sweetly. I understand the pain. I also had pus in abdo-in my Fallopian tube. Caused THE most pain I have ever known. I wish you relief and a speedy recovery XX

  • You poor poor girl. Sending hugs. Not much I can say that will help other than trust your instincts and you did the right thing. Xx

  • Thankyou both of you, it is painful but I'm getting there, I'm in the right place xxxx

  • How are you now Heidi? Hope the antibiotics are working and you are starting to feel better X

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