problems with spots

hi just wondering if anybody else suffers with really bad sore spots it only seems to happen mid cycle they hurt that much i dead to wash my face if anybody knows how i can stop this happening please help im not a vain person but im 30 year old walking around looking like i have teenage spots i have tried cutting down my coffee and drinking plenty of water i dont eat chocolate so ive also tried face creams but nothing

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  • Could be pcos?? I've had the spots for years and down to hormone imbalance. X

  • i thought maybe a hormone inbalance i see my new consultant in 4 weeks can they do a blood test or something to find out i have severe endo had my lap in june this year did nots mention pcos but to be honest i was not told much hence the new consultant lol

  • My first thought was PCOS too-if the spots are relatively new and not something that you have had since your teenage years.I had terrible,painful boil type spots for years so completely sympathise-they can be horrendous.I have both endo and pcos and I know that they are looking at an hormonal link between the two.

  • The face washes do not work I am so sorry to tell you this.

    Can I ask what type of tablets and medication you are on (including pain killers and any thing else?) If you do not want to write it on here then just private message me.

    Kind Regards


  • Are you on any treatment for endo? When I was on prostap and HRT, my spots were absolutely terrible - I was covered in them, face and body. It sounds like a silly side effect to put up with but it was awful and very upset. Since coming off the prostap and HRT, I haven't had any problems though.

    PS: I used pear soap - 40p from Sainsburys! It didn't get rid of them but I definitely think it helped more than anything else I used.

  • Hi Sully1,

    I started to suffer really badly from spots during my Zoladex earlier in the year. I have been finished with the Zoladex for a while now but still have the spots. I know what you mean the appearance isn't nice as like you I'm starting a new job and feel that I look really young.

    Its not just that but the pain as you said they physically make my face ache because they are so aggressive and under the skin and big and red!!

    I was given Dalacin T to use on my skin by the doctor twice a day but it didn't work, I have tried changing all of my diet, different creams and lotions and potions and nothing has worked.

    I don't have PCOS either so it can't be that I was told that it was due to too much testosterone after the hormone treatment but I would have expected it to be back to normal by now.

    I'd mention it to your GP or Consultant, that's what im looking to do when I have my next appointment.

    I wouldn't get overly worried about it being PCOS. :)

    Heather x

  • Hi, I've had spots since i was 11, now im 28 and still have them. For me it definitely a hormonal thing as they'd start coming up just before my period. Ive been taking norethisterone constantly to stop my periods and since I started this treatement Ive only had 1 new spot. My Mum even commented on my skin today. Norethisterone is a high dose of progesterone so that suggests to me that estrogen is the culprit. I'm interested to hear what your new comsultant says x

  • i know the feeling as i have them too... only when i am due on or after... this time it was taking longer and i have had hormones spots since i started... it not nice at all and had a couple of bad spots and it was hideous and embarrassing... especially it comes to our age like in the 30s or 40s.... i even took norethisterone, mini pills and still had spots and what the difference with progesterone and estrogen but sorry i always had spots... some months i dont have any... it nothing to do with food... i dont have PCOS only Endo...

  • i use clearail or clear and all stuff and it really helps as well as i dont use soap very often... another suggestion

  • I have the exact same problem, had my lap in July and face has been ridiculous ever since!!! Have always suffered from the occasional blemish around my period but this is starting to depress me... Plus as you say it hurts! Glad to know I'm not alone!!

  • Curlycarls - I'm exactly the same, had a lap in July and have had crazy spots ever since, im 28 and have had more spots in the last 2 months than in the rest of my life combined! I hate that people keep noticing as well, all my friends abd family have noticed so I know it's a new thing and not me going crazy but it's really starting to get to me and makes me look unprofessional at work! Ahhh spots!

  • Hi Hayls, I'm 28 too- I've always had good skin always getting comments about it so this is horrible... Just makes you self conscious!!!! I just spent a fortune on products to try a combat it... Was delivered today so fingers crossed it works!!! I don't know about you but mine seems to be accumulating around the right side of my chin which in the Chinese diagnostic apparently the sides of your chin represent your ovaries... Left and right so that kind of matches as the majority of the endo they found was on my right side!!! x

  • thank you all im only on codine at the min 30/500mg no other treatment as my old consultant wanted me to decide there and than as to try for another baby or injections to put my body in a state of menapause no name given i only found out what they were when i came on here and asked hence ive been refered i have really severe scar adehesions to no idea were neither me or my gp have any info from my old consultant in yeovil so hes refered me to mr fender in taunton.

    my gp started me on norethistrone but it made me very moody and also migranes and nose bleeds and mine is left side of my chin bloody awful ive got loads now and it dose not look very good at work and make up makes them more noticable

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