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Post OP two days

Hi ladies, how long did everyone's swelling take to go down? I look like I'm 5 mths pregnant.

Post op two days and the pain is worse than when I came home, I don't have an infection but just wondering why it hurts more than when I come home? Maybe it was the painkillers they gave me wearing off?

I feel even more tired today, hope you are all pain free xx

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You did have a lot done sweetie, can only imagine how they pulled you about. I haven't experienced anything done during a Lap, just a diagnostic Lap, so don't know what it's like. You really must take things easy though and sleep lots and lots. xxx


I was in agony for almost 3wks and was so sure i had an infection because how could it get worse. But ur muscles and everything is has been cut through and can take a long time to heal up. U just need to rest up for at least a week to 2wks until it heals more xxx


Hope so back to work on the 17th on light duties xx


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