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Hip / thigh pain

I've got the worst hip/ thigh pain today it woke me up several times in the night and now I'm hobbling around. It feels like someone has been punching my outer top thigh all night and the bone aches from my thigh into my hip joint and bottom. I've had this off and on for a while but even worse today. I've been told it could be nerves which are in my pelvis being affected which are shooting the pains down to my leg or referred pain.

So my question is anyone know the best way of easing it? I've got my hot water bottle on it laying on sofa and waiting for the codeine to kick in but anyone got any tips?

Anyone suffering the same? How do you cope? Thanks

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I have/had the same problems, it is what you said, nerve pain, from endo, or even if endo is removed during lap the nerves continue to be irritated/damaged.

A hot bath could give you some relief, some people use Epsom salts too, it works for some they didnt work for me though. You could try them. I also use head pads and heat patches the ones you can put directly on skin (deep heat patches are really good especially if you are on the go).

I'm currently seeing an osteopath, he is specialised in trapped nerves etc, and he works only on my neck area ( doesnt even go near my pelvis, legs or back) but he managed to reduce the leg/back/hip pain a lot. x


Hi thanks for your message, that's great that you are getting relief from your osteopath it amazes me how working on one part of the body effects somewhere completely different! I must admit my neck feels very tense so maybe a hot bath may relax me and stop me tensing with the pain too. Thanks for the info I am currently waiting for a lap so just trying to cope while I'm waiting. I've been having a good week since starting a herbal tonic with only small twinges which has been a needed rest from the constant pain but this pain shocked me this morning as its worse than I've ever had!

Just wondered do you put the heat pad on your tummy or your thigh? If the pain comes from my pelvis should I put it there or where the pain goes to? Sounds silly but only got one hot water bottle till I can get to the shops and buy heat pads!Thanks for your support x


It varies where I stick them, depending on where the pain is each day. I stick them on lower back, or on the pelvis towards the hip. If the area is warm enough it usually eases the leg pain too. There are also heat patches in a specific shape for the whole pelvis or whole lower back that they are designed for period pains. I just bought them, and I will probably give them a try tomorrow. xx


Thanks Jojo can't believe how bad it is today painkillers don't even seem to be working! Just feel dopey now! Thanks for the info shaped ones sound good. Will have to look into those. Hope they help you too xx


This is probably where I get the worst of my pain! Hot baths, heat pads, wheat bags, codeine and paracetomal and ibuprofen cycled so I take one dose per hour-ish (giving a constant stream of pain relief). I also find wandering around and getting in strange positions, rocking my hips like I'm dancing (badly!) and stretching out my pelvis and legs helps: it doesn't stop the pain, but it's definitely better than when I'm sat or lying down. Also, totally cut out caffeine when the pain is bad.

It's horrible honey - hope you get some relief soon x


Hi thanks for the tips I'm going to try mixing in ibruprofen sounds a good plan going to try that codeine and paracetamol have just taken the edge off seemed to take ages to work today! I like the bad dancing idea when I'm at work and get it I'm moving around more so maybe as its my day off and I'm having a lazy day its actually making it worse!

I do like my caffeine fix and have cut down but going without if it eases the pain is also worth a try! Thanks for your advice and I'm sorry to hear you suffer with this too. Sometimes I find this harder to cope with than the pains in my tummy which luckily at the moment is not so bad so I should be greatful for that!

Thanks its nice to know I'm not alone and have you girls to be a shoulder to cry on!!


Hi lillyflower,

I always find a combo of paracetamol/ibuprofen works best for me, although it's short lived it does take the edge off.

I use a wheat bag, one of the long rectangle ones so you can sit with it in/around your upper thigh, or around the side/back of your hip.

My back/hip area is the worst at the moment aswell so I'm thinking about trying the heat pads aswell just for a combo so I can remove myself from being stuck to the radiator :)

Hope it eases up on you soon.



Hi, I too have the same kind of chronic pain, I have had it now for 20 months constantly. I was told by my gynae that it is nerve or referred pain and there is nothing else he can do. I was then passed onto pain management as there are different kind of meds for neuropathic (nerve) pain. I am going to go to a specialist endo centre next as no-one seems to be able to tell me what is causing the pain and whether it is permanent. I use tramadol and have just started on amatriptyline which is supposed to calm down the nerve signals. My gynae said this type of pain is definitely not related to endo and the pain management specialist said 80% of my pain IS from endo! I have found that if I am tired or stressed the pain is worse but haven't found a solution yet.

Your pain may be different to mine so I don't want you to think you are stuck with it! If I could rewind to when my pain was starting to become chronic I would have gone straight to a specialist centre. The problem with nerve pain (if that's what it is) is that once it has been there for a while it never really goes even if the original problem is resolved, so the quicker you can see someone the better.

This forum is very useful if you need advice and there seem to be a few of us on here at the moment with the same kind of pain. I am finding that the amatriptyline helps me sleep which means I do feel better the next day.

Hope you are a bit better today, sending big hugs!


Hi eggcustard

Thanks for your message my doctor told me it wasn't related, my Accupunctureist said it was, then different doctor said yes its all link and shrugged her shoulder when I asked what I could do! I already had codeine so she asked if I needed a repeat prescription and that was it ! It's very frustrating and definately becoming more frequent most days now but some days not so bad! I'm currently waiting for my lap which I should get confirmed any day now so just managing with all the help and advice I've got on here while I wait.

Good luck the endo centre I hope they are more helpful and can ease your pain. I used to be able to sleep really well but recently been waking several times which I'm sure isn't helping. My leg/hip is normally worse Saturdays after standing at work all day dealing with customers. Other than that its hard to know what makes it worse some days! Not limping today so that's an improvement!

I'll be interested to hear how you get on and sending hugs back to you too xx thanks x


As strange as it may seem I use stick cure a heat pads which are for back pain I wear one everyday for the past 5 mths as I suffer the same pain I stick it to the outside of my knickers and it last about 10 hrs. Hope it helps


I also suffer hip, thigh and groin pain on my right side had for about three year's now. Had laparoscopy which has helped. Hope you lap goes well. Take it easy and keep your stitches clean. I had three keyhole insertion. Two healed nicely, but one got infected.

Have had various pain medication, but also have IBD microscopic colitis which limits what I can take. I currently on amitriptyline and paracetamol, got co-codamol but it constipates me so try not take it. Baths and heat in any form help.

Love all the comments just joined, having a sleepless night :(


Hi psychosue, thanks for your comment, I hope you managed to get some sleep, I've had a few nights like that with all the pains in my hip , thigh. Lots of focousing on deep breathing and a hotwaterbottle helped a little to fall asleep. Someone told me a long time ago when I couldn't sleep if you tell yourself to sleep you get more frustrated so just tell yourself to relax and do yoga breathing ie in your diaphragm pushing your tummy out! Long slow breaths. It helps me focous on relaxing rather than the pain.

I have tried not to take too much codeine as doesn't help feeling blocked up! So only take when I really need it !

I hope you find some comfort in joining this site, I'm quite new too and its been a lifeline to talk to others with the same symptoms and thoughts who really understand my worries. It's also nice to be able to help others in the same situation and so we all feel less alone with all of this. I hope you have a better day today and I'm glad you had some relief after your lap fingers crossed ill be able to say the same soon x thanks


Of all the various aches & pains I get with this evil condition the hip/thigh pain is the main symptom I dread reoccurring. I had one episode when my back went into total spasm, it was one of the worst pains I have ever experienced in my life! I found lying on my back in bed and pushing my affected leg against the wall really helped. Also I take Dipipanone 10mg/cyclazine 30mg also helps take the edge of it.


I have the exact problem. The Dr told me it's Fibromyalgia. But I did have really bad abdominal adhesions that were so bad that I had to go to a surgeon to get them removed. That was years ago. Now I hurt in my pelvis right hip, outer thigh nerves down my leg. Sometimes both dudes hurt. But today I'm miserable. My right hip, thigh, nerve pain goes down my leg. On sofa with heating pad, taking Tramadol not working. Any suggestions?


Hi, sorry to hear your suffering , I had surgery 6 months ago and am finally getting back to normal but the leg pain is still there. I am on nortriptyline which is an antidepressant as it blocks the nerve signals. I tried reducing after surgery but it's still there so on 30mg and although I still have a mild ache I only get a few days each month around my period where it's bad but since going on these it seems to be much more under control. When its bad a short walk to try and stretch it and get blood pumping or a heat pad helps and also using my knuckles to massage hard up and down thigh. It hurts to do it but feels better after my acupuncturist told me doing this to move blood around would help and it does sometimes. It's a horrid pain and no amount of painkillers seem to work but keep trying different things. The best relief I found was a hot bath when it got too much x I hope it has now eased off a bit and you find something which helps x


Hi. .. about 4 months ago I started having severe pain in my outer right thigh and hip. .. sometimes my lower back. ..I started taking aleve which made it feel a little bit better... but now the pain is back again...I have never been formally diagnosed with endo but a past doctor told me is likely I do have it. .. unfortunately I lost my insurance coverage before I could start the proper testing. ..but I just recently got coverage again so I will definitely be making an appointment...I just want to thank u all for the input and tips u have given. .. I've read alot online and it says anything from spine issues. .. hip issues. .. pelvic issues. .. I'm now scared and confused. .. wish me luck


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