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Strange thigh/hip pain above bum??


Happy Friday lovely ladies!

Weird symptom tonight, I’m due on my period in a few days and as well as my normal pelvic pain and shooting pain up my vagina, I have strange achy pain in the top of bum cheeks between by hips and thigh, on both sides ( much lower down than my normal back pain).

It hurts to walk? Has anyone else ever had anything like this? Xx

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Hi I have that as well sometimes shooting down my leg especially the side end is worse in x

Louby84 in reply to Mo1111

Thanks for your reply!

I haven’t really had any down legs, just a few shooting pains near my right ankle, and in groin area sometimes.

Out of interest, where is your endo? I’ve been getting so many new symptoms the last few months I’m wondering if it’s now spread (last time it was in POD) or if it’s just my nerves playing up!

Mo1111 in reply to Louby84

Mine is severe on left and mild on right last scan nothing had changed that was Nov however no scans since then I start second gueszing my symptoms again and wondering if getting worse

Louby84 in reply to Mo1111

I second guess all of my symptoms too! I’ve got my second lap a week on Monday, so we will see if much has changed!

Maybe make another appointment just to check?

It sounds like sciatica. I had it when I was pregnant and have it occasionally now. It's triggered by something pressing on a nerve .

Louby84 in reply to Alex9

Yeah you could right! Second lap a week on Monday so hopefully get to he bottom of it!

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