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Post Lap/is it normal

Hi just wondered if its normal,

I had a lap done 2 and 1/2 weeks ago, had bladder infection after and now feeling loads better, but today ive got a grumbling tummy and a bit of belly ache, nothing to serious, just wondered if it normal.

Going to Disneyland in 3 weeks and pooping myself that im not going to be strong enough to enjoy it.

I had my Merena coil removed , a cyst and Endo treated on my left side. Now on Pill.

Thanks x

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Hi. Sorry I have not had a Lap yet so don't know if it normal. But I am glad to hear that you are now feeling loads better (apart from the belly ache and grumbly tummy which I hope settles). I hope you have a fab time at Disneyland. Try not to worry about it as that will not help due to stress, but I know that is easier said than done. Sorry I can't be of help. Wishing you all the best x


As you have presumably just had loads of antibiotics for the infection, could it be that you have not yet built up the right bacteria in your tummy again.

Antibiotics kill the bad and the good bacteria. it doesn't discriminate.

Might help your digestive grumblings a lot to take pro-biotics every day for a week or so to rebuild up the good bacteria that your tummy needs to work well.

It wouldn't hurt and might make all the difference.

The dairy shelves at the supermarkets are full of different types of pro-biotic drinks and yoghurts and that sort of thing.

there certainly is a flu bug around at the moment which is causing upset tums and vomiting too, and you might be fighting off that which is a virus and not bacterial.

In which case you should be well over it by the time of your holidays.

I wouldn't have thought after this length of time there is anything amiss from the operation itself that would suddenly appear now.


I did also think that it would be my time of the month but my doctor has put me on the pill and told me to keep taking it so I don't have a period for three months then will have a short break, tummy pain has really kicked in more this evening, I've had three months of pain non stop and after having lap I was looking forward to living again but scared that I'm going to be in agony .



I am a week post lap and I too have had belly aches and diarrhoea after the initial not going!

I went to docs on Friday and nearly fainted on her. I have had pains also down there and when weeing as well as infected belly button scar so on 9 days of antibiotics.

I keep having dizzy spells! Has anyone else had it!?!?

Positives - no leg pain and bleeding now stopped! Must be all worth it in the end!

I am sure you will get to Disneyland, just rest up and keep up the fluids and like impatient said maybe a good probiotic! I know a few of my friends have had gastro flu so steering clear of them :)

Take care xxx


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