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Feels like you are lying

Hi i am new to this so hi to everyone,

I have been in hosptial last week with really bad pain,been off work for two weeks with it as well. I had an x-ray and blood tests, they then asked if could be pregnant, i said not sure so they did a test and it was possitive but only a faint line so they said do the test again in about 48 hours. i told they lady couldn't do something now because of the pain and spotting on and off, well the doc said might be a misscarrige, she didn't seem to care, so they did repeated blood tests and it was negitve but she didn't seem to care. She told me going on the pill might help, but she knew we are trying for a baby and have been for 3 years, so she said just get on with it. i have got pcos and endometriosis, i just feel because its not a broken arm or leg and people can't see it they think we put the pain on and moan more, does anyone else feel like that. thanks for reading this, just feel really depressed.

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iv had exactly the same experiance its awful x


hi i am also new to this group,i sometimes have the feeling no one cares,we have been trying for a baby for 5 years with no luck,i was at the hospital on tuesday and was told by a snotty nurse,i couldnt be in bad pain as endometriosis doesnt cause pain!!!!!.i do feel some people think i am putting it on and always moaning.someone who doesnt suffer from endometriosis have no idea how awful it is,for us sufferers.


thanks for replies, i am glad its not just me, that is so true badgerminx that people who don't suffer with it don't know what it is like, and i wouldn't wish it on anyone. hope things work out for you


hey butterfly1

i can totally relate and sympathise with you, it is so true that because it isn't a broken arm or something and people can't see it it is as if it doesn't exist, but those of us who are suffering inside know it really does! i think it's shocking the way you were treated, is there no way you can go back to your gp and explain or ask for a specialist? i find a lot of the people in hospitals such as nurses and stuff don't know enough about endometriosis and because they don't have it they have no idea what to do when someone does so it's frustrating!

for ages before i got referred to a gynae my doctor made me believe that the pains were all in my head, or that it was just something i would have to live with (those were his words!!) and instead of trying to get me treated he kept prescribing me horrible painkillers. it was only after i kept going back and telling him how bad it was that he eventually referred me!

so you are definitely not alone and we are all here to talk because we know exactly how you are feeling.

hope you feel better soon x


thanks for the reply albzisfabz, i had surgery two years ago on the endo and they think it has come back, so waiting for another operation but its a four month waiting list, not much else they can do, they said about me going on the pill or having treatment to go through the menapause that was mentioned to me when i was in hosptial the other day with the pain i said no as me and my husband have been trying for a baby for 3 years and don't want to give up. thanks for the advice and its nice to know i am not alone, hope things are ok with you x



I know exactly how you feel when treated in this manner. You are not alone in this cruel world where even females sometimes do not even try to understand what you are going through.

I am also trying for a baby for 5 years now and have been waiting to undergo IVF since 2008.

I hope things get better after your operation.

Take care.x


Totall understand my specialist is just the same!! its like his calling me a lier everytime I go!! I think to myself at the end of the day your a pain you don't even know what a period feels like let alone endo!!!! GRRRRR....... it feels like its a race against the clock from when i walk through the door to when i leave again I've seen 4 different specialist now and only 1 has been bothered but she went on maternity and didn't come back and the other 3 have been men and not interested as long as they get paid! :-( I feel so alone and mega depressed as I don't feel I can speak to anyone :-(


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