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Are you better now !!!! 😡


This might sound I’m being a right cow 🙈 I’ve recently been off sick from work and was admitted to hospital with pain being unbearable and my heart rate was up at 149 hence why I was admitted , I’ve now been given morphine as well as my other meds to take every day ... I recently went bk to work and if one person says aww so are you a lot better now I think everybody asked me this it’s sounds so bad but I jus want to scream at them !!! Talk about my hormones being all over the place! I sound terrible! I was also told by the duty gynae consultant my meeting with my surgeon’s was last week so the consultant said I should receive a date for op soon , I then got a phonecall from my specialist secretary she was calling me bk after I left a voicemail 4 weeks ago as I had to tell her when I had my mri while on the phone I told her I had been admitted and on morphine for pain now and I was told by gynae my meeting was suppose to be last week she then told me that’s my specialist never knew my meeting was last week and asked who I was seen by when I was admitted she then told me a lot of the meeting are getting cancelled due to theatre times . So I don’t know what is happening if my meeting went ahead with my surgeon’s or not , she also apologised for getting bk to me 4 week ‘s late and she called me 08.04 🙈 I don’t know if to call my specialist secretary , I’m half they all now I’m now on morphine and my pain is getting worse and my bowel problem are also getting worse.. xx

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I can certainly relate to THAT! It's depressing upsetting&painful!! Causing us to feel lower than low!😢😢😢

You are not alone! Im currently waiting to meet with my manager and HR to discuss OH report before I return after 6 months off sick.

The one thing I am most concerned about is that I work in a call centre as a supervisor and everyone is going to ask if I am better and I will want to scream at them.

I think its hard with a chronic illness as people dont understand that it may flare up worse at times but it is never going away!


Totally relate. I missed a day recently as I had been up most of the night and pain was terrible. When I had my return to work I was asked if I was OK now. I pointedly stated that I was never OK unless you thought that living with daily pain and taking painkillers like Tic tacs was OK. Kind of ended that conversation!

Completely understand! In fact I get this even if I haven't been off work, from people who I maybe only see once a week or fortnight - I think they have a vague recollection that I wasn't well and want to know if I'm now better. I just can't get the long-term nature of chronic across to them; I guess they just relate it to something like the flu that they can understand, which has an end point. How I respond depends on how ill I'm feeling at the time. I think I probably hide the anger/pain/extreme frustration more than I think I do, but I wish I had an answer that didn't make me feel like a bad person! I know most of the people that say it to me mean well, but it's so hard to hear repeatedly!

You are so not alone with any of the’s hard work fighting the fight without your innards feeling like they should be out 😂 nobody understands fully but someone going through the same. Keep fighting xxx💛

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