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Provera 10mg tabs?

Hey can anyone who has been on or taking provera at the moment able to help with some advice>?

I have only been taking these tabs a week after refusing to take decapeptyl any longer after suffering from severe side effects! I feel much better than i did but i have a constant crampy feeling in my stomach but have really bad lower back pain, i wear heat pads everyday now to try relax my muscles but its the same pain i had when i was due my period or just starting them. Im wondering did anyone bleed while taking these tabs? Is it bad if i only take 2 some days as its difficult to remember so far! Did anyone have any side effects from these to? Oh and was told by someone else its not a contraceptive either?

Thanks for any info x

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Hi Lynnie,

I don't take these tablets at the moment but I was on Provera years ago. I took them for a few months & I soon stopped. Not saying you should, as everyone is different. But I soon stopped them, as they mad me go mad. I basically turned into a right b***h (words from my brother) they sent me emotions wild!! I had to stop, as my partner said if I carry on taking these he would leave me - they were that bad for me.

Take care, Karen x


Thanks yeah I've heard a few stories about the tabs. I seem ok mind wise just now but it's only bn a week. Im getting bad stomach n back pains n just think all this hormone crap is a waste of time and money! It doesn't seem to sort anyone out for long as I've seen or spoke with others. How long did ur side effects take to kick in? We're u on it long? Xx



They sent me a bit mad too - terrible mood swings.

I have the mirena fitted too and the doc recommended these. Did wonders for the pain initially but I have been bleeding pretty much constantly (periods had stopped previously because of mirena). I've stoppe takin them and awaiting an appointment with my GP.

Fleur cx


Hey thanks. Im feeling a bit touchy today but nothing major. My back pain is bad tho so going to start taking painkillers which i was trying to avoid as sick of taking medication all the time. Have u been bleeding from the tabs do u think or the mirena? xx


Hi Lynnie.I took provera for four years and for me they worked brilliantly.I had no bleeding and only occasional cramping.I think it is important that you take the full dose everyday though.I was taking 30 mg and took it all in one go (not sure if this is good advice though!).I was also told they are not a contraceptive.good luck.


Hey thank you. Yeah suppose its diff for us all and will never know unless we try it. My body has never liked extra hormones getting added lol. Ive been managing to take the 3 a day now so must be getting used to it. Back pain isnt easing tho and had sharp pains in my abdomen today n hope its not my organs joining together again as i heard how quick it can happen after a lap is done. Did u have any bleeding from the start of taking the tabs? xx


I did bleed for a couple of months then my periods stopped completely.As you say we are all different and what works for one of us may not work for another.Hope you are soon feeling more comfortable.Take good care.


Thank you. Felt very on edge today n hoping its not the tabs kicking in already! Might go speak with my doctor as my backache is awful. xx


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