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Have Doctors ever forgotten about you?

I arrived for my appointment at the gynocology appointment, and for once i was seen early .... Good start right? Wrong! Everything just went tits up!! I saw my normal gyno, and i won't lie she is amazing! One of the only doctors who take me seriously, so im guess your wondering why im moaning?

On the 11th november i was admitted into hospital as i had excruciating pains, i was kept in for one week, and was told they suspect i have Endomitriosis aswell as PCOS. And was told i needed a lapraoscopy as soon as possible and they would write to me in the next week!

Did my gyno know any of this?? Of course not. Not only did they not write in my notes about my stay in the hospital, they also didn't add me to the list for surgery!

Not only was i heartbroken and utterly devastated, i felt so let down! And by the people who say they would take care of me the most!

Thankfully my parents have a back bone! I am a really strong lady, but recently everything has got me down, and i am so overwhelmed by everything, i just never know what to say!

My dad went ballistic, and i got very emotional and couldn't control my tears, he came across very strong and determmined, i was very proud of him. He said he has written a complaint for the hospitals incompetence, and he will be sending it to the NHS complaint department, the local MP, and the health minister in Downing Street!

I could feel no emotions, i was numb! My gyno added me to the urgent list, and i had all my tests done to make sure i am fit for surgery!

I'm really hoping nothing else happens, I've had enough of being fobbed off and taken for granted! Not only is it really upsetting me, my body cant handle it!

I've lost a stone and a half in 2 weeks, and i have no appetite, i am not eating so i have been put on complan shakes so i still get all my nutrients for the day! It is heart breaking.

Has anybody had any treatment like this before? I feel so let down by the people whom i should trust!!!

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You poor girl! I really feel for you! What a terrible experience! I hope all works out for you. I've never had a similar exlerience - only doctors fobbing me off for years - taking 7 years to diagnose the disease in me! They just don't seem to take it seriously! Good luck with your lap! Best wishes x


It's such a long time!! They really need to sort it out!! Can't they understand this disease put peoples lifes on hold and worse it can ruin peoples lives!!! good luck to you too!!! xx


Sorry that that happened to you. The worst I've had is trying to convince GPs to send me for a scan as I suspected my excruciating pain was caused by a cyst. Even though I was already diagnosed with endometriosis and I had had prior surgeries to remove cysts, I wasn't taken seriously and I ended up being taken to A&E in an ambulance and admitted for 5 days for pain.

I've learnt to be very insistent with doctors now. You must take control as sadly you can't rely on them to do that for you. Good luck with your treatments xx


Hi, I understand completely what you have been through.After my 3rd operation, losing my left ovary and told that I suffer from severe endo and I might not conceive naturally, I was refered to IVF. I have been made to wait for my IVF treatment for more than 3 years now and I was even taken off the list because of the changing policies etc. I had to plead with many people before I was put back on the list. And now, I have got 2 more endo cysts and still waiting for 3months already for another surgery before the IVF treatment....what people do not realise is that with time endo gets worse....good luck n take cre...


I'm so sorry to hear that!! We all need to stick together!! Glad i found this place to share and toalk to people who know exactly what i mean! Take care and god bless xx


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