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Hi ladies

I am going to my GP on Tuesday. I am supposed to be getting my 2nd 3mth injection. I say supposed to be because I still haven't started my HRT yet. My gyno doc said he won't be giving me injections long term unless I take HRT. I am getting anxious as I don't know what to do. I have the worry of HRT as my mum had breast cancer, thankfully she has fully recovered. It also causes me more side effects(I have tried it before) than the menopause injection. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Mrs Confused

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  • Would it be worth talking through with your gp? Guess it depends on what your gp is like, but might help.

  • I did mention my concerns the last I went to her but she said that her hands are tied with this issue as its my gyno who will be making the decisions. Which I find unfair as it is my body. My gyno has said though that I could try and get more laser treatment but it might be a waste of time because he couldn't laser it in February when I went for treatment. He just seemed very matter of fact with things.


  • When I had zoledex for 3 months I didn't have HRT. I managed fine, no side effects. ;) j x

  • I never take Livial when I'm on Zoladex/Prostap injections, it makes me feel ten times worse than the injections themselves.

    Unless you've got other things going on that are making your consultant so adamant that you must take the add-back, they can't force it down your throat.

    If they're really going to refuse any more injections unless you take Livial ask them to explain exactly why you need to take it, particularly given your mum's history

    Good luck

    C x

  • Hi aabb

    Another one here who hasn't taken HRT. I had Prostap for 8 months in 2010 and managed fine wthout HRT in any form. I then had a hysterectomy in 2011 and have not taken any HRT since then. I haven't had too much of a battle with the either my gynae or GP about it. My gynae would rather I take it but my GP has said the decision is up to me. Neither of them have refused to continue with their care and treatment options for me because of this.

    My concern is not so much the breast cancer angle but more the possible return of endo. As it is I had another lap in December 2012 where a patch of endo was found as well as some ovarian remnant tissue. Despite this being excised during the lap I am now trying Prostap injections to keep me in a menopausal state. I know it seems strange having to have the injections post op but it seems to be working for me so far.

    Livial is the HRT most consultants prescribe for endo ladies as it is the most suitable one. But as Chrissie above has said no-one can force you to take something you are not happy with. It is your body and it is your decision what happens to it.

    Good luck

    Caroline, x

  • Hi ladies

    I was at my GP today. I can get 1 more 3mth injection without HRT but after that its only getting prescribed along with the HRT! So I suppose I will need to try it, that way I have given it a go AGAIN!


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