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Negative ultra sound

My gyno sent me for an ultrasound which didn't show up anything. In fact the ultrasound technician said to me that I don't have endo. Or if I do it's not very bad, tell that to the constant pain.

My gyno is doing a lap and a hysteroscopy in three weeks, but I was under the impression endo didn't show up on ultrasounds.

I am just panicked as have been in constant pain for a year now, and only got referred to gyno a month ago as gp just didn't know what was wrong with me. Everything I got test for came back negative and although I was pretty bummed when he said endo, I was also relieved to finally no what was wrong with me.

My husband has been supportive but it does ebb and flow, especially when I was trying to get a diagnosis, if this back negative I just don't know what else I can do.

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I had an ultrasound before my lap and it was clear, few months later I had the lap and there it was, clear as anything and I was diagnosed with endo. You're right in thinking ultrasounds rarely show endo. It's worth having one to eliminate anything else.

I know what you mean about the relief vs being bummed out about an endometriosis diagnosis! It's a tough one. Also, you can have a few patches of endo and awful pain, but then some people have stage 4 and have had no pain at all, so please don't listen to the technician who said it's not very bad just because nothing showed up. A negative scan can't rule out endo.

Try not to panic, have the lap and then you can go from there. Little steps at a time.

Best wishes x


Me too, I had two abdominal and TV scans that were normal but later went on to be diagnosed with Endo on the Uterosacral Ligaments. I asked whilst there if Endo could be picked up on Scan and was told no, it couldn't. I hope you go on to find out and are soon treated and out of this debilitating pain. xxx


I hae poor clinical diagnoses. Ultrasounds do not detect endometriosis. They can possibly be used in the diagnosis of an endometrioma during menstruation, but that is all. It is clearly stated in clinical guidelines the only way to confirm endometriosis is though lap.

Chin up. Keep going and be strong!


Snap, ive had 3 ultrascans, 3 transvaginal scans, one ca125 blood test, my hormone levels checked 3times and every test came back normal.

i had my lap 2 months ago and i had Endo and a bleed in my womb x


My ultrasounds and TV didn't show up any of the endo on bowel, pelvic ligaments, pouch of Douglas, ovaries etc. They did show up that my endometrium in my womb was more than twice as thick as it should be and that I had a mass (polyp) in there too.

But strictly speaking, neither of those things are endo and when they went in to do the lap after that there was so much endo they didn't have time to deal with it all and so I had to go back.


Ultrasounds do not show up Endo. They will show up 'normal' fluid filled cysts but not endo cysts. I've had cameras up everywhere and scans all over the shop. The only absolute way is to have a laparoscapy. Also, the amount of endo has no baring on the pain level. You can have a 'small' amount and be in agony or lots and not even know. Insist on going to see a specialist. My advice would be to go private for one session (I did, cost me about £150) then you get referred back to the NHS. Fingers crossed for you. Half the battle with this awful disease is getting someone to agree you have it ! xx


I had ultrasound and tv scan and it showed nothing other than a slightly thicker uterus. Went on to have a hysterectomy and they found endo, adenomyosis and fibroids. The largest fibroid was the size of a tennis ball! So if that can be missed anything can. Endo cannot be found on a scan. Good luck xx


The only indication I had for endo was an endometrioma seen on the ultrasound identified by my very experienced gynae (the sonographer had said there was nothing to worry about after my scan so I was a bit 'errrr ok then'...).

Of course when I had my lap and excision surgery there was lots of endo, just nothing to see apart from a cyst on the scan. You will find out much more from the lap. Best wishes.


An ultrasound doesn't show endo, the staff shouldn't of said anything to you, I have pcos and endo and ultrasound didn't show the pcos which can show up


I totally agree, I had several scans and none of them showed any endo, but when I had my lap, I had a huge patch of endo and my left ovary completely tied up and stuck to my womb with adhesions. Chin up lovely, it can be very depressing and you might begin to think it's all in your head, but we've all been there and are here to say it's not!

Good luck with your lap, and hang in there.xx


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