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Laperoscopy waiting times

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I have recently seen the gyno consultant who thinks I might have endo. I have signed the paperwork to be booked in for the laperoscopy but he couldn't give me any approx timescale for when I would have this done.

He did say where you are put on the waiting list is from when you were first referred to a gyno consultant which would have been October 2017 so he said I wouldn't be put at the end of the list.

It is stressful not knowing when I will be booked in.

What was everyone else's wait for their laperoscopy from signing the consent form for surgery?

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It really varies, due to cutbacks NHS its 4-6mths where i live, some wait longer, i found i ended up in hospital due to it getting worse pain wise so the bumped me up the list.

Good luck

Hi Thanks for the advice 🙂 It is awful they have ppl wait soooo long. I was in a&e the other day as the pain in my back got so severe I could hardly walk. They gave me liquid morphine to take home as pain management but that made me horrendously sick. It takes so long to get a diagnosis! Hope you have had your laparoscopy by now x

Hi I never got that far as I only saw the consultant who put me on a 12 week waiting list as urgent. I am still waiting 5 months on.

You could contact your GP surgery and ask for the gynaecologist secretary phone number and call them ;) that’s what I done and they will give you an honest answer.

I think it all depends on what part of the country you live in and what category of list they put you on x

Hi. Thanks for the advice. The consultant I saw said I could be put on his waiting list but he warned me it was very long so he put me on whichever waiting list is shortest with a member of his team. So will prob leave it a month and then ask the secretary for an approx time. It is awful you are still waiting 5 months on. Especially as it was meant to be urgent! I hope you have your laperoscopy soon. Did they give you a new approx time you would be seen? As that's a massive delay! I thought you had to be seen within 18 weeks X

Hi thank you! For a category 2 it was 12 weeks but never happened :( although my GP wrote to them several times and I phoned the secretary several times. I decided to go private as who knows when I would have got the operation. Hope your wait is quicker x

Hi that's crazy nothing happened! Thanks for letting me know. If months and months go by I think I will see if going private is something I could do X

I believe you can have a private consultation but remain on the NHS surgery list, I don’t know if that makes things go quicker though x

Oh ok. Thanks for the info. I've just had the a follow up appointment with consultant a few weeks ago so on the waiting list now for the laperoscopy. It's taken since October 2017 to be finally put on the waiting list for the lap. It takes forever on nhs. Hopefully won't have to wait too long. Spose I will just have to keep chasing! X

Mine has just come through today for the beginning of February, I had my first gynecology appointment at the beginning of December so it happened much faster than I expected! Hope you're not waiting too long!

Oh wow! That is quick! That gives me some hope! Thank you 🙂 Do you have a pre op appointment before the actual laperoscopy?

After years of back an forwards a ruptured ectopic, numerous scans etc I finally saw a consultant in October and I’m still waiting for a date! It’s a nightmare!

Omg that sounds horrendous. It does seem to take forever. I've had quite a few scans with nothing showing up for years when I've been in and out of pain. Then October 2017 pain came back again and I have been in pain everyday ever since! It seems to take them forever to go forward with the laparoscopy which is very frustrating when you just want answers!! Have you phoned up the hospital to see if they can give you a an update? It's crazy that so many ppl are in pain and having to wait sooooo long. 😩

I have been under the women's hospital in Liverpool and I was listed for surgery in December and I got my date through for 7 February for a laparoscopy, he said it might be possible that they may open me depending on the adhesions x

Thanks for info 🙂 That's good it was a short waiting time! I was put on the list almost 4 weeks ago so really hoping mines the same waiting time as yours! hope your surgery goes well! Did you have a pre op appointment before your letter came through for laperoscopy? Time goes so slow waiting x

I had my pre op in December, and I go for blood updates on 1st Feb, I told the registrar I would be happy to come in at short notice, maybe that's why I have had a sooner date for surgery. The other thing was they wanted me to go to the pain clinic but I emphasised that I wanted to find out what was going on first before I started popping pills and being a zombie so don't let them fob you off, hope you get your date soon xx

Hi. I chased waiting time today and was told the waiting time is approx 8 months. I couldn't believe it!!! I've been in pain everyday for ages and the thought of that is so depressing. She says she will put me on cancellations list but I just felt she was fobbing me off. It's a nightmare 😩 Xx

Who is your consultant, mine is Mr Soltan, the other thing that you could do is go to your GP and ask if they can do a letter to expedite your surgery wait x

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