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Endometriosis and Fibroids

I had a laparoscopy last week and it has been confirmed I have endometriosis and a couple of small fibroids. I had diathermy on the endo but I was just wondering if this will increase my fertility chances. I am 43 years old and been trying for a family for 8 years. My consultant has now told me to take Cerazette but I am reluctant to take in in case the diathermy improves my fertility chances. I am new to this forum and would appreciate advice from anyone who may have experienced the same things.

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Did you discuss the fact you are trying for a baby with your doctor?

According to endo gynaes the next 6-12 months after a lap are the best to conceive as everything is nice and clear and endo is out as well.

In cases though of infertility and since you are over 40, i would expect that your doctor would discuss IVF or something similar. Did you explore all these options? x


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