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Rectovaginal Endometriosis



After going back to the gynae and him telling me the endometriosis has returned. He has also said that he suspects I have rectovaginal endometriosis.

I have always had pain when going to the toilet and it is generally worse when I'm on my period.

I am back on the list for another laparoscopy but he has said that instead of diathermy he will be going down the route of excision but has explained there can be more complications when it involves your bowel/rectum area.

Has anyone had this sort of excision? I just want to see what the recovery time was like etc and whether there were common complications?

Many thanks :)

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I've suffered with this and had two lots of excision. It is a really excruciating place to have endometriosis as you will already know. I found the surgery helped for a while but in my case all my problems always return eventually. My bowel issues have only ever been relieved a bit and temporarily. However, that is not to say it won't fix you permanently. Excision is definitely the best surgical option and I didn't suffer any complications at all. I had endometriosis excised from a lot of other places too. I've had several excision ops.

Good luck!

Just to add, I would say it took a good 8 months to recover from each operation.

Ah thanks for your story! My last laparoscopy I had they had to separate a bit of bowel and uterus and I have always suffered with IBS. I had no idea until after my first lap that they were related! But yes, the pain is horrendous!

8 months seems like a long time! Was that to recover fully? How long would you say until you could return to work etc? I'm self employed so I have no choice but to go back to work quite quickly :(

Hi ya that’s what I have and I’m on the post for op ASAP

I have terrible trouble with bowel

Hoping it’s going to help at lest a little bit ! Fingers crossed , I’m

Not sure what they are going to do with me yet waiting on mri results for my pre assessment 3 may xxx

ah good luck! It's a bit scary when you don't know what's happening! Keep us posted!xx

Sorry I've been unwell and not been on here. I never did get back to work. I've been badly affected with mobility problems as well, also due to my endometriosis. I desperately wanted to work again but just wasn't possible.

I'm so sorry as don't want to depress you. It's such a horrific disease and this isn't generally known.

Best wishes to you and hope you do much better than I've done. XX

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