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does it matter if they operate while its your time of the month?


I'm going into hospital next week to have my humongous fibroids (15cm diameter), endo and humongous cysts on my ovary removed , but i think my period will be starting then. I've had the mirena coil put in last Sept and has consideralby reduced my flow. I;m still a bit concerned with it. I dont reallly want doctors and nurses looking down there when I feel unclean!!!....This is a bit embarrassing for me...Has anyone else had an op during their period? I was told that i would encounter some bleeding after the op anyway. I'm presuming that mid cycle would show up endo more clearly

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I had a lap done whilst on a period, didn't really have a choice as I was bleeding constantly anyway. I wouldn't worry about being unclean, they're looking at your insides anyway! Endo can be seen at any time in your cycle but I'm assuming during your period would be the best time as it would be shedding blood so they can see that more clearly? x


yes thats what i thought



Both endo gynaes I had said that actually it is the ideal time to operate while on period, so they can see the endo 100% because the endo spots are bleeding too.

Dont worry about the unclean part at all, they have seen it all before. ;)

Good luck x


thanks for that jojo


It is the best time to have an op, besides you'll be bleeding far more after a decent surgery than before it anyway.

Once they have cut things out, lazered you,taken biopsies, poked, prodded stabbed and sutured, every gynae op leaves the patients bleeding afterwards down below.

So the gynae wards expect that, they expect to have soiled sheets on beds, and soiled clothes and patients projectile vomiting when they come round from anaesthetic as it is all normal. These are very busy surgical wards, with a high turnover of patients, not a wedding reception venue.

As for not being 'clean'. Make sure you have a nice long bath the night before you go to hosp, it could be some time before you can have a bath again (maybe more than a week) ,

you don't need to shave down there or shave your legs, because you'll be given surgical stockings to wear to prevent DVT an they roll tightly up to your thighs.

Buy cheap pack of knickers from a supermarket to use when in hospital. they can be thrown away if they get covered in dye or disinfectant, could be purple, blue or orange but it's messy whatever they give you and you don't want that mixed in with your regular wash when you get home. Take wetwipes too so you can clean yourself up a bit in your hospital bed when you'r feeling a bit better.

You will be given paper knickers to wear for the op, and when you wake up you will probably find you have a sanitary towel in place to catch any outflow.

Do not wear a tampon for surgery, because you don't know how many hours it will take to recover or how soon you can leave your bed to remove it, and leaving it in is dangerous and adds to infection risks.

They do try and schedule ops for when endo ladies are bleeding, as it is th best time.

I was 'on' the day before my op. and carried on bleeding for about 10 days afterwards.

So do have spare sanitary towels in your toiletry bag and for use when you get home.

It will be painful down blow and there is no way you will want to shove a tampon in. Ouch.

If they are operating down below, they coat you in antiseptic solution so you'll be 'cleaner' than you ever are normally ! and smelling of antiseptic for a while.

Gynae wards are there for miscarriages, D&Cs, still births, and all manner of icky gynae conditions including STDs and other nasties, so there is nothing that these docs and nurses will not have seen before. They have dozens of patients every day for one thing or another and there is no way they will remember you after a day or two, you're just on a conveyor belt of more patients.

please don't worry, and every single lady that had had a gynae op will be lying in bed recovering in pain from the gas they pump in to you, so you do have to try and shift that gas, and the only way is to fart or burp it out and you'll feel much better. please don't get embarassed about this, it happend to all surgery patients and everyone else on the ward will be doing the same thing as you, trying to shift the gas and feel much better.

The gas tends to rise up to cause pain in your shoulder blades and it can really be uncomfy so you have to be brave and confident and just let it go which ever end it wants to escape from.

Yes of course it is rather embarrassing because none of us are used to it at first, and it is all new and not what we would dare do at home or work, but the hospital staff are well aware of what these ops do to their patients, and they see it day in day out.


thank you impatient for all your support

you have definitely put my mind at rest over many things... thanks again

and yes the baby wipes will def be packed...lol


and don't forget a carrier bag to put the used ones in to also.

They can't be flushed down a loo.

It can act like your own bin bag for sweety wrappers and crisp packets and anything else lying aound. There are bins on the wards, but that means getting out of bed to tidy up, so best to have your own little bin bag with you which you can dump in the bigger bin when you are leaving.

Oh and socks too, because the surgical stockings do not have toes on them for some reason, you can wear your own socks to the operation if they're clean on.

I usually wear my brightest stripey fun socks for surgery, just to give the surgical team a laugh, and remind them I'm not just on a conveyor belt. I am a real person with a sense of humour. Some ladies even take in their teddy bears.

Everything else you wear belongs to the hospital, and all the surgical patients are wearing the same things, so socks are one way to express your individual personality.


Love the idea of the socks!! Lap tomorrow so will dig out the worst I can find! Lmao xxx


Haha Impatient, this idea with the socks is the best! lol

I have to admit though that I had my teddy bear with me in both laps..32 year old with teddy bears..oh well, I could care less what the nurses and doctors thought about it! :p xx

Good luck to all of you having laps soon :)

Jo xx


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