Scared they won't operate because of high blood pressure!

Hi everyone, I have just gotten back from an emergency doctors appointment (was in crippling pain), and she took my blood pressure again and said it was a little bit high.

She's trying to arrange for me to have a ABPM to measure my blood pressure when I'm away from the surgery to check if my high blood pressure is only when I'm at the hospital/doctors because of anxiety.

We're both concerned that if the hospital find that my blood pressure is high tomorrow (at my pre-op assessment for my laparoscopy on Friday) then they won't operate. I'm in desperate need of this operation to give me some answers, and I'm pretty convinced my blood pressure only reads as high when measured because I've been so stressed and ill with this pain and have been talking about it in an anxiety-provoking environment (doctors surgery).

Anybody else been in this position? I'm super desperate for them to operate because as I said, it's gotten to the point where I can't live with this pain anymore and I need answers :(

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  • I haven't been in the position of there being a question over whether I will get surgery but I have been in the position of having super high blood pressure because of pain and stress. In fact before i was diagnosed I actually went into a GP appointment to complain about my pain and came out with blood pressure tablets!! Getting diagnosed is a long and tricky road. Have you got a home BP monitor? Perhaps you could borrow one from a friend/family member or go to your local pharmacy/supermarket and pick one up and take your blood pressure a couple of times this evening and in the morning. You can note the readings down, and assuming they aren't high this may reassure the pre-op nurse you are aware and trying to help the situation. And also if you can see some normal readings it may help you to de-stress this evening and not get too anxious about them taking your BP tomorrow, which will make it higher if you are anxious. Good luck, and do try to relax if you can.

  • It turns out the doctors were all happy with my blood pressure from my last hospital visit so didn't require to do another one today! Super relieved - as you can tell I get myself very worried about things! I think my blood pressure was just high because I was in so much pain, because although my blood pressure definitely gets higher when I'm at the doctors, it's still usually in a normal range. Thank you for your advice - much appreciated!

  • Hi it's probably due to the severe pain. I had extremely high blood pressure and very fast heart rate at my pre op for cystoscopy. I had been up all night in agony. Had cystoscopy today and everything was fine. I'm pretty sure if it is just a little bit high it won't make any difference. Good luck.

  • Thank you - it makes more sense that my high blood pressure was just from severe pain, and I alerted the doctors at my pre-op assessment today and they were fine with that. All that panicking for nothing! I'm glad your op went well - I wish you the best with your recovery! Thank you :)

  • Glad everything went ok and good luck for Friday.

  • Your blood pressure will be high if you are in pain! Sorry you are worrying about this - it makes it so much worse thinking they may not operate. I hope your Pre-op went well today.

  • Thank you so much - I realise now that pain can heighten blood pressure, so that is most likely what was the problem at my doctors appointment. My pre-op was fine today - I panicked for no reason really! They had taken my blood pressure at my consultation only a few days earlier anyway and they were happy with that so weren't fussed about doing it again! Fingers crossed I'm all clear and ready for my op on Friday now. Thank you for the advice :)

  • I really hope Friday goes well! Good luck xx

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