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Very frustrated

Well ladies I am officially banging my head against a brick wall. I am still in pain after a lap, then the pill and now 5 months of zoladex injections and I went back to see the consultant today. He said that he feels that it is not the endo causing my pain as the injections are suppressing the endo tissue, therefore I must have a issue with my bowels ( At this point I could have screamed). However i calmly explained that pain has not changed since going on the injections and asked that is not possible that the injections just aren't working for me. He said that it was unlikely. I am not having any symptoms of a bowel problem so I feel it is unlikely. Please help me any thoughts/ suggestions as feeling upset and cross. He has now discharged me.

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Hi Canterburygirl

I really feel for you and this consultant clearly doesn't know anything about Endometriosis and should never discharge you if you are still experiencing painful symptoms. My Endometriosis is very similar to yours in that it does not respond to the treatment and I am 9 weeks after 4th Lap and back in pain. The Zoladex injections may be suppressing the growth but not necessarily tackling the pain or reducing the symptoms and your bowel may or may not be affected. Whatever the answer you should not be discharged. I really do understand your frustration I have been there and battled! Did the consultant ever suggest having the Mirena Coil? You can have that and the Zoladex as a treatment. I would suggest going back to your GP ask to be re-referred to the women’s health department but under a different consultant. I see Mr Etokowo in either Ashford or Dover so this may be possible, however he is difficult to get an appointment with. Also discuss with your GP pain relief, Codeine Phosphate has proved effective as co-codamol if your pain is constant. If your pain is cyclic you may be able to manage with anti-inflammatories but you need to take as the pain starts or just before. If painkillers are not effective or you are taking a very high dose then you may want to try Amitryptaline which works as a pain blocker.

There are some things you can do like amending your diet by avoiding certain foods and minimising stress - which is a joke with our health system!!! Use the Endometriosis UK website for information and support they are great!

I have organised an event to raise awareness of Endometriosis on 7th March in Folkestone and if you are able to come along I'd be more than happy to chat with you. There will be other Endometriosis sufferers there and I will be gauging an interest in a Kent based support group.

Hope that helps and hang on in there, feel free to get in touch if you need to xx


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