mefenamic acid??

I have been going through a lot of pain lately which just seems to be getting worse, been in and out of the doctors the past couple of weeks with constant blood tests as my white blood cell count is low and my blood pressure is 111/65. Got an appointment for an ultrasound scan on the 4 march and i dunno if I can wait that long. Was at the doctors again on friday as i was sick and almost fainted in work due to pain i was expereinces and the doctor said she suspected endometriosis and that all I had to do was wait till I had my scan then I would get to see the gyno. In the meantime she has given me mefenamic acid has anyone else had this and felt it has helped? I feel worse than ever :(

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  • i too have suspected endo. i was given mefenamic acid right at the start and it did nothing to help :( I finally got my gynae appointment and have been put on Zoladex, it has worked a little and i am coping with the pain ish. my pain is worse lying or sitting so sleep is being affected not good especially having to work 3 3/4 hours a day but find working which i am on my feet and walking better. It is awful how long we have to just cope and wait for what happens next i just want to know what's going on and that would be a start. I still have 8 weeks till i get my full course then probably another 6 weeks to see consultant again then after that who knows. x

  • I just feel like it is making me feel worse than better, I'm going to see its just because its not in my system properly. Thankfully my work have been very understanding and I work in a busy travel agency so it can be a bit tough trying to keep a smile on my face when I am with customers. I have trouble with sleeping as well I feel so tried all the time but when I go to bed I am tossing and turning all night with the pain. Im just so frustrated now.

  • hey....mefamic acid is a freind of a anti imflamatory and a strong pain killer to...i take that but just for its anti imflamatory...i dont use it as apain killer...i take it along with tramadol and anatryptalin and naristerone...i was diagnosed only 7months or so ago wen i had fellopian tube and ovary removed...they discovered endo.....and i have chronic pelvic pain syndrome.....if i was you i would ask for a pain killer to go with the acid if it isnt keeping you comfy....sorry bout spellingto many big

  • i take mefenamic with paracetamol, co-codamol or tramadol, its never enough on its own, and to be honest when you've been taking it a few days it seems to work better than just trying to take it as and when you think its needed - it seems the better one for me as have tried all the inflammatory ones, and remember if you've been given these types of anti-inflammatories then you should be given omeprazol to take at the same time to protect your stomach, as anti-inflammatories cause stomach issues if taken long term - give them a chance, a few weeks to see if they help, if not ask to try a different one, we all respond differently to each type xxx

  • Hi, I was perscribed this aswell a few years ago when the docs thought my problems were just IBS, I started bleeding quite badly from my bum, had to go to hospital because of the pain where they told me to just carry on with it and see what happens I probably have piles which are causing the bleeding - turns out no, my bowel is stuck to my uterus. Hate that I have to put my trust in people who clearly dont know what they are talking about!! Such a depressing situation to be in xx

  • I take mefenamic acid along with tramadol and co-dydramol. I take the mefenamic acid for 3 days before my period is due as it has a build up effect and I've also been told you shouldn't take it if you're not bleeding :/ It can also slow the bleeding down and prevent clots. It does work but you have to give it time to build up xx

  • I was told to take it 5 days before I expect a period - but beings as I am stupidly irregular its a bit hard! Have to say i agree with the ladies who say it's better when it's been in your system a few days, and definitely better when used in conjunction with paracetomal/co-codomal/codeine, and tranexamic acid.

    Hope you get a consultant soon x

  • well i take mefenamic acid aswell as being on the pill. You must take it with a strong pain killer aswell it wont work on its on (well doesnt for me anyway) i also take it a good week before my period to help it build up in my system, I find it does help with the pain a bit but not the answer either :( endo is poo altogether! Alsoo take it after eating or it will upset ur stomach.

  • I take it for 2-3 days before my period is due (depending on if I get the days right as it is a bit variable!). I do think that it helps me - but again I take in conjunction with co-codamol/painkillers as required. Hope you get your appointment through soon, best wishes.

  • I have it and do take it but find it does nothing for me on ot own. Good luck

  • Have read that you definitely shouldn't take on an empty stomach. And only at the time of (and just before) your period. Not all the time. xxx

  • I take it when the pain is really bad. I take one at night so that I don't wake up in pain, but I was told to not take it for more than a week. So I can take it every night for a week, then leave it for a week then start again. I found that it helps me. Good luck xx

  • Thanks everyone for your responses. Im just at a complete loss now one day i will feel great and then next I am in agony :( hopefully find out soon whats going on though. I appreciate all your answers. xxxx

  • I am 21 years old i was diagnosed with endometriosis at the age of 16, i was put on zoladex which did nothing. I had lazer surgery at the age of 18 to remove some of the tissue. I went to the hopital a week ago in agony they gave me mefenamic acid as a seven day course and said its my endometriosis playing up. I have to wait for a doctor to refer me for a scan to see what they can do next. When i had surgery they said if it gets any worse the only thing left is to remove my womb and ovaries. I also suffer fron ovarian cysts.

  • I've just been prescribed mefanamic acid after a week of hellish pain with my endo. I think that my pain is actually worse when I'm in the middle of my cycle (ovulation time) rather than when my period is due. Do you think I will be all right to take the mefanamic acid if I'm not bleeding? I'm finding that regular over-the-counter painkillers just don't touch the pain at all.

  • Hi yes you can take mefanamic even when you are not bleeding as i have just seen the doctor and she asked me that very question. I found it wears off after an hour, if that, so she prescribed me some pain killers to take instead ! Try and take mefanamic when you are mid cycle and even a couple of days before that if you are regular and pain killers a day or two before your period is due to try and catch it before it catches you if you know what I mean! Good luck

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