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one week post op

Hi all posted on here last week had hysterectomy (total) last week and OMG I feel amazing the endo pain was much more severe than post op pain still a bit tender around bladder and bowel but have much better bowel pattern and less frequency as well with urination even been for a little walk today wish I had this done last year i have been lucky only had a year of severe pain and was diagnosed within 4 months got a very good gynae cons at Derby . ps im 44 so dont really need my bits anymore !! hope everyone is managing there pain i feel for u this is such a debalitatiting disease xxx

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I'm glad you feel better, wishing you a speedy recovery and take it easy, this was a major op, so pamper yourself this period! :)

Jo x


Thank you for putting this post, it's so helpful and nice of you. I'm due the same thing in April and I keep thinking of cancelling it as I'm really worried about weight gain on hrt, I'm too big already (due to endo probably), also worried as got incredibly stiff jointed whilst on zolodex and worried this will happen again. Please keep in touch and let me know if you continue to improve. My op is due 17 April. Hope everything keeps going well for you. Lots of love. Sarah x


Hi wendy, its inspiring to hear your story when im just about to do the same. Im 44 this summer and unlike some of the gorgeous peeps here i have been blessed wiith children so my descision to have the hysterectomy hasnt been an emotional wrench, for me it seems to be my 'ticket out of here!' I have spoken to a few ladies who have had this and all have had a positive outcome. Fingers crossed i can have the same experience. Sounds selfish when theres so many women suffering at a younger age who so desperately wish for children,so this is not an option yet . I was diagnosed at 39 so like you havent suffered for too long. However its quickly got to stage 4 but with my trusty friend Miss Mirena,its helped me tremendously. Wish you well on your recovery,please keep posting,every story has some relation to one of us and yours has certainly helped me feel less anxious. Still waiting for mr.Postie to deliver the date. Bring it on! ;) x J


That's great news, wishing you a speedy recovery :-)


Hi I have really fought to get a doctor to listen to me, i was 40 I have a back op in 09, then a spinal infection. Since then I have had really bad back ache they all said it was my back problems but I knew it was a different kind a pain. The doctors just kept on giving me morphine it got to the stage that I was just sleeping all day and couldn't talk. I start to get heavy bleeding and clots between periods. One day I was rushed into hospital 999 call with pains in my tummy. I was they 16 days saw gyns and other doctors scans etc nothing wrong carry on with your morphine also have some oral morphine lolx I went straight to my doctors to ask to be sent to kings mill hospital for a second opinion. 2weeks later I went got fibroids had a lap in next week got server endometriosis as well booked in the week after for the bikini cut op. might have to have a colostomy bag . Woke up after the op doctor sat at the side cut me open to bad to do bikini way so need another op in a few weeks. Day came they cut me upwards had a full hysterectomy and my bowels all scrapped. I feel so much better. No promise it won't come back but FIGHT FOR ANSWERS DON't let ours get that bad you have to have a full hysterectomy !!!!!!!!!!!


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