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Does anyone have any ideas for helping irritability and mood swings before my husband leaves me?

I've been married less than 7 months but my mood has become dreadful, I'm constantly irritable and exhausted and need some help with controlling it before he leaves. He is sick of me snapping and told me today there is not much point to our relationship anymore. He needs to understand that I'm concerned about going for my first lap in just over a week and what this will uncover, but I also need to make a positive change too. This is making me so stressed which isn't helping my pain.

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So sorry to hear ur feeling so low and i totally understand. U need to sit down with him and really explain exactly how its making u feel, Show him stuff on the computer ie stories from other woman or just more information on it. He should be very supportive as going for ur first lap is scary. I had mine done just in nov and was thinking i was wasting there time and they'd find nothing but how wrong was aye! Stage 4 endo organs stuck together and lots of endo all over :( so it is a struggle and if they find endo on u he will need to be even more supportive. If he cant do this then maybe he isnt the man for you. Sorry if that was blunt and straight to the point. I really hope uz can work this out tho, and all the best for ur lap :) xx



Totally understand your situation,having the endo has totally ruined my relationship it has changed me as a person as I find it hard to to with the pain and all the other problems that come with it. Unfortunatley after months of trying and trying again me and my husband have seperated which is traumatic enough without having to deal with everything else. I was the same with the pain the more unhappy I became the worse the pain has become.

All I can say to you is you need to try your hardest to make him understand what your going through and it is an illness not just bad periods and your not overreacting to whats going on inside you, only you know how you feel.

Really hope everything works out for you, if you need to chat im here!! xx


Oh no :( it is the worst thing when you have to deal with relationship issues on top of illness and anxieties about health and the future etc.,

Have you tried everything, ie, B vitamin complex (hormone balancing), omega 3 supplement (for fatigue), and Agnus Castus (a powerful herb for hormone balancing - not to take if trying to get pregnant)?

Avoid foods and drinks that heat the liver as these can make us more irritable, esp. cheese (goats cheese not so bad), red meat, alcohol, caffeine, chocolate, fried foods, rich foods. (Check out the endo diet/ or ayurveda)

Meditation to bring you into a state of balance from where it is harder to feel out of control.

freemeditation.com/ or sahajayoga.org/ - Sahaja yoga is free and has really helped me.

Also apparently homeopaths are good at dealing with hormonal problems - i'm going to try one this month with the hope of improving fertility by reducing testosterone levels.

I really wish you the best for your marriage x


How about trying relate counselling? They really helped my husband and I when we almost split up. Really sorted us out and made us realise how special one another really is and how difficult things can be when I'm in pain.

Hope this is helpful

Sending hugs xx


The only thing that has helped me are anti depression tabs ....I have stopped taking them for a while, but my moods were so bad I went back on them. They really help with curbing my anger too . Just realised I sound like a mad woman..but they help me function as a mum, wife and worker .


If you want something natural then try something like yoga. It doesn't work for everyone though but it can make you feel a bit better.

Maybe you need a break, maybe going to a spa or just a weekend away together in the fresh air might be better.

Again these are not magical cures, maybe medicine like anti depressants can help, try and find the root of your stress.


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