Does anyone have the same symptoms as me?

I haven't been diagnosed with endometriosis as I haven't had a laparoscopy, but my GP seems to think it is the only explanation for my pain. I have a dull ache at the bottom of my back for days, sometimes weeks at a time, that eases for a few days and then comes back again. I don't have periods on the pill that I am currently on so can't match it to my menstrual cycle. Although I sometimes get stomach pain, it is mostly in my lower back. I have had many different tests including bloods, ultrasound and X-ray which have all found nothing. The gynaecologist isn't willing to book me in for a laparoscopy at this stage as I have only had symptoms for 6 months, I'm 21, and I'm not looking to have children any time soon so I'm stuck not 100% knowing. Has anyone had a similar experience to me?

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  • My main symptom has been lower back ache that's now turned to pain when I was your age I used to moan about it all the time. I never knew about endo till last year then last month I got diagnosed with endo via laparoscopy I'm now 32. Hope you get answers soon write a pain diary and keep things logged it will help.

    Good luck xxx

  • Did you have your laparoscopy through the NHS? xx

  • Yes. I actually told my doctor I have endo. Eventually got referred to gynae first and only appointment with gynae sent me for lap then endo was found. Now suffering reoccurring infections since lap xxx

  • The GP's didn't initially suggest endo for me because my pain isn't related to periods, it's constant and in random patterns. Is this also common? xx

  • I think everyone different my pain is constant but gets worse mid cycle and on period. Unfortunately a lot of women tend to do their own research with this disease and work out what's best for them. Like I said I didn't know about endo till last year then when I read about it I knew I had it. Xxx

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