hysterectomy on monday

Hi all really struggling again today , diagnosed with endo in April after being constantly in and out of hospital with severe low abdo/ groin pain mainly on right side but does come & go on left side as well.been on decaptyl injections had last one in november ,these didnt do anything until after 4th injection then it suddenly felt like somebody had flicked a switch and I was myself again . Had a good few months but pain back now . saw consultant mid January having hysterectomy on monday felling very dubious just hope the pain goes for good post op

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  • I wish you good luck then. Where do you have endo? Is it on the womb? I suppose you had a lap already for checking it out. x

  • Good luck hope you are pain free xxx

  • Hi Wendyhop wishing you well on your new journey. Im waiting for my hysterectomy date to come through and like you concerned it wont work and will have been through this for nothing. However when i had Zolodex injections( only 3) i felt so much better after the second. Therefore im pressuming the same effect from having it all removed. Good luck and let us know how you get on. J X

  • Ive had a hysterectomy, sub total and bso, which means left my cervix and took my ovaries. Took my ovaries as I also had pcos and my right was several times larger than it should be. I have endo on my bowel which is why they left my cervix as it was fused completely.

    I had the op three weeks ago today and can honestly say the only real pain I've encountered is having a poo. But I had that anyway, my hip/leg pain, constant cramping has gone. I now have flushes but that's because my ovaries have gone but start hrt in three weeks. And knowing I can plan stuff with my children with out having to plan it around loo stops fills me with joy.

    Good luck with your I'm sure you will see a difference x x

  • I had a total abdominal hysterectomy 4 weeks ago. I must admit I was quite shocked at how bad I felt after the operation. I was riddled with endometriosis and did have strong pains when windy and having a bowel movement (things are calming down this week). My bladder too has been a bit leaky, but doing my pelvic floor exercise - so hopeful there too! My consultant put me on HRT after 1 week - a drug called Livial - which is what is recommended for women with endometriosis - no more hot flushes - but I don't feel great - have slept for almost a month now - quite normal apparently - maybe I need to give it time to get into my system? Good luck with your operation and hope you recover well. x

  • Just dropping by to say hope all goes well for you today. Hugs J x

  • Another post-hysterectomy patient wishing you a swift and problem free recovery.

    Hope today goes smoothly for you, xx

  • op wentwell home already uterus was very bulky so testing for adenomyosis also ovaries were very cystic got to see how i go with regards to HRT thanks for al well wishes x

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