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Has anyone experienced hot flash and panicky feeling and sudden fatigue whilst out and about, followed by two nights of agonising bladder pain and urgency at night, hip pain/low back pain and feeling uncomfortably hot at night then cold with bad dreams, followed by bowel disturbance and trapped wind. I wondered if it was something I ate causing a Diverculitis flare up or connected to my endo adhesions history, does any of this ring a bell with anyone?

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just a thought maybe worth a trip to Dr to see if it may be a urine infection .I had all of the above symptoms couple of weeks ago and for me it was an infection of the bladder 2 lots of antibiotics later felt much better might be worth looking at for you.

take care xxxx.


I agree with mablesky, it sounds more like a bladder or kidney infection to me. And they're horrible, so go and see your GP.

Good luck :) x


Thank you ladies. I have had bladder infections before. Sometimes I have had same symptoms and it was bladder infection, other times same symptoms and not a bladder infection. I am a bit scared to go to the Gp but I know I should. The last time I went a Gp I saw told me 'we were going round it circles' and wanted to refer me to gyne specialist.

As radical hysterectomy has been mentioned as a possible option, maybe with bowel ressection, frankly I am scared witless! I have a history of extensive endo and adhesions but more likely adhesions now I am in menopause. Ultrasound a few months ago did say uterus was ok, but CT scan picked up Diverculitis and small Hiatus Hernia plus apparently I have IBS and a mid high receteole (tilt) which is common with my history. I am at the point now where I think they want to push major surgery on me but I had a bad experience and was on morphine after last excision so very scared seeing Gp will lead to major surgery and risk of further adhesions which is a reality. I get pain every night but lately it has been ramped up. May sound silly but I worry about my indoor cat that I rescued too. Last time I put her in the cattery she hardly ate and developed stress based cystitis after she came out. I can't leave her in my flat for more than a couple of days being fed by a neighbour and no-one can take her in as they all have dogs. I can't afford a cat sitter to stay over it is a real worry. If I end up having major surgery I may be in hospital for a while. Yes, I know I have to also think about my health but being a big animal lover and having had numerous surgeries, last one horrendously painful I am scared too. Thank you so much ladies, you are right I should see my Gp. I just need to face my fears and do it.


You poor thing, no wonder you're worried :(

Normally where endo is concerned I would tell anybody to stay away from surgery as far as possible but you have so many other things going on. On the other hand though, it may be that just a small op might be able to at least sort some of your problems out. And they can't force anything on you if you don't want to have it.

Could you see a different GP?

C x


Thanks Chrissie, I'll get there in the end and I really appreciate your feedback immensely.

It is so easy to see why they call this the 'lonely disease', it would be, but for the support of others with the same condition who understand this complicated condition.

Thanks also to Mablesky.


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